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FM 22: Grab Football Manager 22 for 10% Off TODAY

With the holidays quickly approaching, it makes sense that people are trying to find the best deals on their favorite games. Today, one of the most popular ones is FM 22 or Football Manager 22.

If you've been waiting for the retail price of FM 22 to go down, we've got some great news for you regarding the FM 22 holiday deals. We'll also include how it compares to other popular deals.

Let's check out the FM 22 holiday deal and whether it'll make a great gift this holiday season.

Get FM 22 for 10% Off TODAY

The holiday special for FM 22 is a deal courtesy of the makers of Football Manager 22. An announcement just days before Christmas Day revealed a special 10% Off deal!

The 10% off deal spans across multiple platforms, so regardless of what platform you're using, you can take advantage of this incredible Football Manager 22 holiday special.

FM 22 holiday special 10% off
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10 % OFF: Time to jump on Football Manager 22

If you haven't heard much about FM 22 and you're looking to learn more, we have a ton of guides that will help beginners get started. We even have a guide on the FM 22 Wonderkids.

So, how long will this deal last? Don't worry, we'll cover that for you below.

FM 22 Holiday Special Discount Schedule

As we mentioned earlier, the FM 22 holiday special is going on right now, but it won't last for very long. If you're looking to get the game for less, you'll have to do so soon.

The deal will expire on Monday, December 27th, 2021, but the times vary by platform so we've included the table created by Football Manager 22.

FM 22 Holiday Deal Guide
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DEAL GUIDE: Use this guide to find out when the 10% deal will expire

As you can see, most of the FM 22 deals will expire at the same time aside from the Epic Games, Steam, and PlayStation platforms. As of right now, the price of the game is $26.99.

Be sure to capitalize on this deal if you're looking to grab FM 22 this year. After the above times, the game will go back to its retail price of $29.99.

FM 22 compared to FIFA 22

If you're wondering whether you should grab FM 22 or FIFA 22, it actually is a tough question. However, the biggest difference is that FM 22 is much better for PC players for obvious reasons.

FIFA 22 is also made by EA so you'll get a lot of the same things you would in a game such as Madden 22. This means tons of microtransactions, which isn't for everyone.

If we had to choose, we'd say FM 22 is great for beginners that aren't looking to spend a lot of in-game currency. Plus FM 22 has a pretty great deal going on right now.

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