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Wayne Rooney announced as a Fifa 22 Icon - details

Fifa 22 is due to release in a few short weeks and the team has some pretty big plans for the future of the game.

With all-new player ratings, game changes and an Ultimate Team redesign, there's lots to look forward to.

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Today some pretty big news came out about Wayne Rooney, here's what we know about the game and what's new.

Fifa 22 Release Date

Fifa 22 is due to release on October 1st, just weeks away. This feels in line with the regular yearly release.


There are no signs of delay right now and EA seem to be ramping up for a big year ahead. Today was a good sign of that.


An Icon returns

Wayne Rooney is being included this year as an Icon, giving you access to different eras of the player throughout his career.

The Fifa Icon section is preserved exclusively for some of Football's best players. Bringing different eras of iconic players. If someone has found themselves in this esteemed position, they are sure to be well regarded in Ultimate Team.


There are three distinct eras of the player, all with unique stats.

  • The early-career version places him in the CAM position at 86 overall.
  • The prime version of Rooney has him play ST at 91 overall
  • The later version of the game has him play the CF position with 88 overall

These stats place Wayne Rooney as one of the best players ou there, alongside legends like Robin Van Persie. With these great stats, he's sure to see plenty of play later this year when the game arrives.

Now retired, this is a great way of honouring the player's career and getting him a little more play on the field.