Will FIFA 23 be the last one?

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The recently announced split between EA Sports and FIFA has fans asking one question: will FIFA 23 be the last in the series?

We've got you covered for all the latest information, answering the questions that you most want answered.

Is FIFA 23 the last one?

The simple answer is no. FIFA will continue in some capacity following FIFA 23, with a new developer slated to take over the franchise.

Whilst FIFA hasn't confirmed their plans for the franchise beyond FIFA 23, we already know that a traditional football game will exist in the form of EA Sports FC.

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A NEW ENTITY - EA Sports FC has officially been announced

EA Sports FC is a brand new title announced by EA Sports, replacing the FIFA franchise in the eyes of the developer.

FIFA will 100% exist in some capacity moving forward, with president Gianni Infantino confirming this in his statement following the split.


Where does FIFA go next?

The FIFA franchise is at an interesting point, with plenty of creative license now afforded to them following the split with EA Sports.

A new developer will take the mantle from EA Sports - potentially 2K Games - and create an experience that could rival EAFC.

Either way, FIFA 23 will not signal the end of football's biggest gaming franchise.