How to sign Free Agents in FIFA 23

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FIFA 23 Career Mode free agents

FIFA 23 Career Mode has had a rollercoaster start to life with some calling it the best, but others calling it the worst.

One thing we do know is that the enduring power of Free Agents will always remain and we've got you covered as to how you can sign them below.

How to sign Free Agents in FIFA 23

Signing Free Agents in FIFA 23 is super simple and can lead to some incredible results for your team.

FIFA 23 free agents
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BAG A BARGAIN - Free Agents are a great way to improve your squad

Free Agents are players unattached from a club and boast a value of £0.

The only costing involved in signing a free agent is their wage and any signing-on fee/bonus they request in contract negotiations.

These are the simple steps to help you sign a free agent in FIFA 23:

  1. Navigate to the transfer search section of the Career Mode UI.
  2. Under 'Transfer Status', change the toggle to 'Free Agents'
  3. Scan the Free Agent market and add your desired player to your shortlist
  4. Navigate your shortlist and enter into contract negotiations with your desired free agent
  5. Agree on a wage and any signing-on/bonus

It's as simple as that.

What is a 'Free Agent' in Career Mode?

A Free Agent is a player who is currently not signed with a club, so is eligible to sign with other clubs immediately.


This means you can sign a Free Agent for no transfer fee in Career Mode.

However, though Free Agents won’t cost you a single penny to sign and you’ll have access to them immediately, you need to keep an eye on your wage bill as some players come with hefty demands.

Always keep an eye out in the Free Agent section of the transfer market, as you can find some real gems in there, and if you don't act quick, another club will!

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