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FIFA 23 Pro Clubs All Perks and Skill Points: Levelling up will be EASIER than ever

There has been a big overhaul to how XP and Skill Points will work in FIFA 23 Pro Clubs, as well as some additions to the Perks available.

Find out all you need to know about the change and new additions below, including all the possible Perks you can choose from.

Skill Points

First, let's take a look at the changes that have happened to Skill Points and levelling up in FIFA 23 Pro Clubs.

The way you earn XP - and therefore Skill Points - has been tweaked.

You can now level up by playing the new Skill Games in Pro Clubs and through all VOLTA matches, with the way XP is awarded for in-game actions changed to include all players, not just those with attacking returns.

After some negative feedback from the Pro Clubs community, EA has also made the following changes for FIFA 23:

  • The amount of XP required to move from level to level has decreased considerably.
  • The amount of XP required to reach the maximum level has been decreased.
  • The maximum level has been increased from 25 levels to 100.
  • Players can earn a maximum of 185 Skill Points. (Previously this was 100 Skill Points)
  • All Perks will be unlocked through the course of the first 25 levels. Beyond level 25, players will continue to unlock more perk slots, and earn more Skill Points.

These changes mean you will level up more quickly, gain Skill Points more regularly, have more Skill Points to upgrade your Virtual Pro and be able to use all the Perks at an earlier stage.


Perks were introduced in FIFA 22 Pro Clubs as a new way to improve your Virtual Pro, increasing certain traits in certain situations.

Every Virtual Pro starts with one Perk Slot unlocked and you will gain more slots as you level up.

Four new Perks have been added in FIFA 23, meaning there are now 30 in total, and you will unlock them all by the time you reach level 25.

Attacking Perks

  • Clutch Finisher - Increases shooting Attributes during the final 15 minutes and extra time. Inclides Finesse Shot and Power Header Traits and increases Weak Foot.
  • Distance Shooter - Increases accuracy and power from long-distance shots. Includes Finesse Shot trait and 5-star Weak Foot.
  • Hot Streak - Shooting Attributes boosted for 15 mins after scoring. Includes Finesse Shot and Power Header Traits and increases Weak Foot.
  • One Time Shot - Increases finishing ability for one time shots or headers. Grants Finesse Shot and Power Header traits and increases Weak Foot.
  • *NEW* Poacher - Increases your all-round finishing (including boosts to Volleys, Finishing, and Heading Accuracy) when inside the box.
  • Quick Reply - Shooting Attributes boosted 15 mins after conceding. Includes Finesse Shot and Power Header Traits and increases Weak Foot.
  • Set Piece Beacon - Increases Heading Attributes from Set Pieces (Free Kick, Corner Kick, Throw In) for 5 seconds and includes Power Header Trait.

Chance Creation Perks

  • Active First Touch - Increases ball control, acceleration, and sprint speed after a first touch.
  • Assist Streak - Boosts Passing Attributes 15 mins after assisting and includes Swerve Pass trait.
  • *NEW* Light Passes - Increases your teammates’ ability to trap and control your passes.
  • Pinpoint Cross - Increases crossing accuracy and ability and includes Swerve trait and a 5-star Weak Foot.
  • Precision Pass - Increases normal pass accuracy and speed (Short Pass + Long Pass) and includes Swerve trait and 5-star Weak Foot ability.
  • Set Piece Specialist - Increases ability for set pieces. Includes Giant Throw In and Set Play Specialist Trait.
  • Skilled Dribbler - Increases dribbling and skill moves when dribbling and includes Flair trait.
  • Threaded Pass - Increases through-pass and lofted through-pass accuracy (Vision) Includes Swerve trait and 5-star Weak Foot.
  • Tireless Runner - Grants Second Wind and Solid Player traits.

Defensive Perks

  • Ball Winner - Boosts jockey speed and increases tackling ability.
  • *NEW* Chase Down - Increases your pace when defending immediately following a loss of possession. The perk will deactivate after 40 in-game seconds if you have not regained possession.
  • Cool Head - Defending attributes boosted for a short time (15 mins) after your team concedes.
  • Defensive Closer - Increases defending attributes in the final 15 mins + extra time.
  • *NEW* Interceptor - Improves your ability to intercept & disrupt your opposition's passes & shots when defending and in close proximity to the ball.
  • Last Defender - Increases defending attributes when you are the last player back.
  • Lock Down - Defending attributes boosted for 15 mins after your team scores.
  • Physical Strength - Boosted strength, ball control, and jumping when jostling, shielding, or heading.

Goalkeeper Perks

  • GK Clutch Save - GK Attributes boosted in final 15 mins + extra time.
  • GK Far Reach - Good at saving Distance Shots.
  • GK Fast Rush - GK speed boosted when GK is sprinting or rushing.
  • GK Quick Reflex - GK reflexes and reactions boosted when saving.
  • GK One on One - GK abilities boosted in one vs one situations for 5 seconds.
  • GK Set Piece Expert - GK Attributes boosted during Set Pieces (Penalty Kick, Free Kick, Corner Kick, Throw In).

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