FIFA 23 - Players left BAFFLED after major star go bald in latest update

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FIFA 23 bald antony manchester united

FIFA 23 has arrived to much acclaim, but a recent title update has left players more confused than ever.

Notable stars such as Antony, Lisandro Martinez and Rafael Leao have all gone bald, with fans left questioning the reason.

Fear not, as we've got the answer you've all been looking for.

Nunez Awaiting Transplant

A few months on, Liverpool striker Darwin Nunez is still waiting for his new face scan, with the Liverpool striker once again appearing as bald in FIFA 23.

Twitter user DonkTrading posted a picture of Nunez recently, with the Uruguayan still lacking his luscious locks in game.

There is some good news however, with this present bald version of Nunez confirming that Darwin will almost certainly recent an authentic face scan soon in FIFA 23.

FIFA 23 Stars go Bald

Baffled FIFA players have started to notice that a swarth of top stars have gone bald in a recent title update, with Manchester United stars Antony and Lisandro Martinez just two of the players that have lost their luscious locks.

It's not just them, however, with AC Milan baller and one of FIFA 23's best players Rafael Leao sharing the same fate following the most recent update.

Players were quick to take to social media to raise this issue, with some fans less than impressed to see their Ultimate Team stars looking rather different.

As you can see, the lack of hair hasn't affected any of these star's performances on the pitch, with some saying that bald Antony may be better than Antony with hair!

Despite the confusion, we can shed some light on why this is all going.

Face-Scans Coming Soon

Whilst it may be frustrating - and slightly disconcerting - to see these stars suddenly appear with no hair or custom features, it does mean that new scans are on the way.

We saw a similar occurrence in FIFA 22, with certain stars going bald for a period before new scans were place into the game.


We now know that the likes of Antony, Martinez and Leao will have new face scans coming in the next FIFA 23 update, with these men about to go from zero to one hundred real quick.

The next title update for FIFA 23 should arrive in the coming weeks, bringing an end to the dominance of these temporarily bald Ultimate Team menaces.

There is bad news for one Premier League club, with no indication that any of the sub-par Arsenal appearances will be improved in the next update.

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