FIFA 23 - New FUT Hero card for Ledley King LEAKED

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We've had a few months on FIFA 23 now with multiple campaigns keeping us occupied in Ultimate Team.

A new batch of FUT Heroes was introduced this year, but it looks like they could do with some support...

Not to worry, because a Spurs legend is about to swoop in and save the day!

Ledley Leaked AGAIN

At the start of October, we reported that former England and Tottenham player Ledley King appeared to have been added to FIFA 23 Ultimate Team, as you could search for him on the Transfer Market and in your club.

We weren't sure if he was coming as an Icon or a FUT Hero, but the thinking was he could have been a part of the World Cup promos that were about to hit.

Nothing transpired from that initial leak - until now!

Data mining account Fut Scoreboard revealed on Twitter that a new pack had been added to the code called Hero Ledley King Loan Pack.

The pack contains, obviously, Hero Player Ledley King on a 7 games loan.

We don't yet know when the pack will be released, and if it will come via the FUT Store or as a reward, but it looks like Ledley King will finally be making it into the game!

Centurion Hero

We've been waiting a while to see Ledley King in FIFA 23 Ultimate Team and before the title was released, there were leaks saying that he was added to come as a new FUT Hero.

He missed out on the initial new Heroes launch, but it seems that EA thinks the time is right to introduce him alongside the new FUT Centurions promo.

Although we still don't have much official information regarding the promo, it is believed that the players included will have played at least 100 games, and may have scored 100+ goals, supplied 100+ assists, or kept 100+ clean sheets.

Reliable leaker Donk suggested that the promo could be similar to the FUT Captains event from last year, which saw upgraded versions of FUT Heroes included!

If FUT Centurions does the same, then it would make sense to introduce a Centurion Hero version of King at the same time.

Renowned as one of the best centre-backs England has produced, King spent his whole career at Tottenham Hotspur, where he made 322 appearances, despite being plagued by injuries.

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