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FIFA 23: Live Tuning Update #1 now LIVE with left-stick dribbling boosted

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The first of many FIFA 23 live tuning updates has now gone live, bringing us certain gameplay adjustments.

It's important to take note of these gameplay changes as they can significantly impact your success on the field.

Check out all the adjustments coming to EA's new game in Live Tuning Update #1 below.

Live Tuning update #1

The following Live Tuning gameplay changes are now available:

  • Reduced the accuracy of Penalty Kicks taken when the Composure Ring is yellow or red.
  • Increased Technical Dribbling animation speed for lower rated dribblers.
    • This change specifically impacts players whose dribbling related Attributes are below 90.
  • Adjusted referees to be less likely to call fouls for arm-related collisions.
  • Adjusted referees to be more likely to award yellow cards for fouls committed by Hard Slide Tackles.

The most significant change here is the increased Technical Dribbling animation speed for lower-rated dribblers.

Put simply, this means left-stick dribbling will now feel smoother for lower-rated cards.

What is a 'Live Tuning' update?

Live Tuning updates enable EA to roll out several in-game changes without requiring a full Title Update.

This process makes tuning changes faster and with more frequency while working on the balance of the game.

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STAYING FRESH - Live Tuning updates keep things fresh in FIFA 23

The frequent Live Tuning updates also make life easier for FIFA players as they don't need to sit and wait for a giant update to install.

In order to ensure a Live Tuning update has been applied, all you need to do is shut down and relaunch FIFA 23 when you see the message in-game.

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