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FIFA 23 Goal Celebrations: NEW moves added to flex on your opponent

The FIFA 23 reveal trailer has landed, bringing with it some new information regarding this year's game.

Find out everything you need to know about the brand new Matchday Experience features, with new celebrations and goal noises added to this year's game.

FIFA 23 New Celebrations

The brand new FIFA 23 Matchday Experience trailer has landed, bringing with it a host of new goal celebrations.

Six new celebrations have been added to this year's game so far.

They include:

  • Eye of the Tiger;
  • Griddy;
  • Gamer;
  • Tea for Two;
  • Low Five and Flex;
  • Flip

It also looks like Mbappe's iconic knee slide will also feature in FIFA 23, with the French forward once again ready to cause nightmares across the game modes.

Goal Sounds

Celebrations are one thing, but goal sounds could prove to be a more divisive addition to FIFA 23 this year.

The new trailer showcased two alarm noises as well as a horse sound, all of which will arrive in Ultimate Team and new customisation options.

Say what you want about the advancement of these new changes, but if we hear a horse noise after conceding a 90th-minute goal, we may just lose our minds.

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