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FIFA 23: BRAND NEW AcceleRATE feature CHANGED already

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We're only just getting stuck into FIFA 23, with some only having had the game for a few hours after the worldwide release, and already changes are happening!

One of the new features, the AcceleRATE system, has had a rework from what was originally stated, which means you may need to rethink some of your Ultimate Team and Career Mode signings or alter your Pro Clubs build from your plans, to make sure you are getting the right archetype.

Check out the change and what it could mean for future updates below.

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Quick Off the Mark

Just three hours after the worldwide release of FIFA 23, a message was put out from the FIFA Direct Communication account on Twitter to notify users that the AcceleRATE values had changed from what was originally reported.

It states that the Gameplay Pitch Notes Deep Dive now "reflect their current values", which leads us to wonder when this change happened.

Many players have had Early Access to the game from Monday, 26 September, and it could be that the AcceleRATE feature had already changed from what was originally stated then.

When the Pitch Notes were released, the AcceleRATE section had the caveat statement that read:

Please note that these are pre-release values and that they may be changed prior to the launch of FIFA 23.

So, it wasn't a surprise to see that there was an alteration to the feature, but the timing of it did surprise us.

Crunching the Numbers

Now, to the important stuff - the cold, hard numbers.

The new criteria for each AcceleRATE archetype is as follows:

  • Explosive
    • Agility >= 65
    • (Agility - Strength) >= 15
    • Acceleration >= 74
    • Height <= 180 cm (~ 5’11”)
    • Example player: Vinicius Jr.
  • Lengthy
    • Strength >= 65
    • (Strength - Agility) >= 14
    • Acceleration >= 55
    • Height >= 174 cm (~ 5’9”)
    • Example player: Virgil van Dijk
  • Controlled - any player that does not meet the other two requirements above.
    • Example player: Son Heung-min

Originally, to gain the Explosive archetype, a player only needed to have an Acceleration stat of 70 or greater, so the bar has been raised on that one.

There are a couple of changes that came for the Lengthy archetype.

The easy one to see is that Acceleration has also been changed, originally needing to be greater than 50, but now at 55 or higher.

Then, there has been a minute change to the (Strength - Agility) outcome, which has been lowered to be greater than 14, instead of greater than 15.

It is interesting to see that such a small alteration has happened, but clearly, there were some players not fitting the archetype that EA thought should.

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