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FIFA 23 - Get 30% discount on Adidas items with one-time only code

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EA and Adidas have teamed up to hand eligible FIFA 23 players a unique one-time-only code, that gives you a 30% discount on Adidas items.

This couldn't come at a much better time with the Christmas season approaching and fans getting stuck into the FIFA World Cup mode.

So, how can you get your hands on one of these promo codes? Find out below.

Impossible is Nothing

Yes, you heard that correctly - you can get 30% off on the Adidas store when you redeem your unique code from FIFA 23.

The promo code can only be found in-game, as @FIFAUTeam has reported.

Neither EA nor Adidas have made how you can claim one of these unique discount codes clear, nor have they stated how many they will be giving out.

There seems to be only one way to find out whether you have been selected for a special 30% discount code - log into FIFA 23 and find out!

Adidas on Offer

We saw EA and Adidas team up for the first time last year to bring FIFA players this exact same promotion.

If you have been selected for a promo code, you will be prompted with an on-screen message when you log into FIFA 23, much like the one that you can see in the image below.

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RUN IT BACK - FIFA players will be glad to see this return

Last year, players could use the Adidas x EA discount codes on anything they wished within the Adidas online store and we expect the same this time around.

So, head into FIFA 23 and you may just have a one-time-only Adidas discount code waiting for you!

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