FIFA 22 Wrexham Career Mode Guide: Starting Lineup and Who to sign

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Want to give yourself a challenge on FIFA 22 Career Mode? Then take new boys Wrexham FC from the bottom to the top!

As they are in the Rest of the World league, you will need to swap them with a team currently in League Two, from there you can take them up the divisions, and into Europe.

Table of Contents

There is plenty of work to be done on the squad, with a limited budget, so if you like a long career where you can develop youth academy players, this save could be right up your street.


Team Rating

Wrexham FC have a one-star rating on FIFA 22.

That is due to their team rating of: 63ATK, 62 MID, and 61 DEF.

Starting Lineup and Formation

Wrexham line up as a 5-3-2, and we will look to keep it like that, staying tight at the back and catching teams on the counterattack.

With very little budget to improve the team, the squad is also already built around this formation, so there is depth in the wing-back positions.

FIFA 22 Wrexham Line Up
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COUNTERATTACK - Keep it simple and play effective football

Up top is star striker Paul Mullin, and we've paired him with the tall and leggy Kwame Thomas, who takes the place of Jake Hyde.


The midfield three is made up of workmen Jordan Davies, Luke Young and James Jones.

Both wing-backs have the pace to get up and down the flank to offer wide options, with Reece Hall-Johnson on the right and Cameron Green included over Jamie Reckord as he has higher potential and is already pretty matched on stats.

It's a no-nonsense CB three, with Harry Lennon and Aaron Hayden on either side of the very slow Ben Tozer.

Protecting the goal is Rob Lainton, the best keeper at the club.

There isn't brilliance to bring off the bench, with Reckord and Bryce Hosannah both capable wing-backs, and some pace provided by Dior Angus.

Tactics and Instructions


Playing on the counter, you will want to change the depth of the defence to be deeper than it is, to bring the opposition on to you and have more space to get in behind them.

Then, the Long Ball and Direct Passing already being used by the team will be kept.

Both forwards should be set to Get In Behind and Stay Forward, so they are always ready to punish on the break.

Get the three midfielders all to Cover Centre to make the team difficult to break down through the middle, with all of them on Balanced attacking support, so they aren't always bombing forward.

While we commend the attacking threat Wrexham is trying to achieve by having four of their five defenders set to Join The Attack, we would switch this so that it is only the wing-backs doing so.

Development Plans

None of the team are going to become the next big thing, but that doesn't mean there isn't going to be decent growth from some of them.

Hayden, Hosannah, Ryan Austin, J. Jones, Dan Jarvis, Jack Bickerstaff, Max Cleworth, Davies, Green, Jordan Ponticelli, Tyler French and Hall-Johnson can all grow to 65+ OVR, so focus on improving them, which will help your team grow as you challenge for the divisions.


Transfer Market

Starting transfer budget: £1 million

Starting wage budget: £14,000 a week

Who should go

Feel free to get rid of Charlie Trafford, Angus, Hyde, Christian Dibble and Liam McAlinden, as none of them will be better than 60 OVR.

If you get rid of them all you will be left with a full first and second-team that fit the lineup.



We wouldn't bother sending any players out on loan, as it will just deplete your squad of possible options.

The club doesn't have any players out on loan, so there is no need to worry there.

Who to Sign

It's very simple on who you want to sign, and that is fast players.

In the lower leagues, pace can absolutely destroy teams, and this will also make your counterattack more effective.

After selling some players and taking part in a pre-season competition, you should hopefully have nearly doubled your starting budget, so look to get around four new players in.

Cheap Pacey Options

Player Age Club Cost Wage OVR POT
Dildar Admaca18Wurzburger Kickers£452k£4305973
Yaya Dukuly18Adelaide United£280k£4305572
Justin Amaluzor24Motherwell£452k£8606264
Shawn McCoulsky24Colchester United£280k£3k5963
Dylan Connolly26Northampton Town£409k£3k6263
Rashad Muhammed27Sarpsborg 08 FF£366k£8606262

Board Expectations


There is only one high expectation from the board, and that is Financial.

You are tasked with keeping player salary growth under 5%, which should be easy enough once you've got rid of some of your excess squad.

Youth Development is of medium priority for the board, but you should make it a high one as an easy way to keep growing your squad as you go through the leagues.

The board want you to sign four players to the Youth Academy, one of each position: goalkeeper, defender, midfielder and forward.

FIFA 22 Wrexham Board Expectations
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NICE AND EASY - We like having 'Very Low' priority tasks

The final three, Brand Exposure, Domestic Success and Continental Success, all have very low expectations.


Brand Exposure asks you to get goals, with at least one goal scored in 20 games of the season.

Domestic Success wants you to gain automatic promotion from League Two, and also reach the round of 16 in the FA Cup.

Being very low priority means if you don't hit those targets, it's not the end of the world, but you definitely want to be going for that promotion early.

Continental Success is very low as you are in no foreign competitions.