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FIFA 22: Raheem Sterling's rating revealed with no change to OVR

Manchester City star Raheem Sterling is ready to become one of Europe's finest.

The England man tore up Euro 2020 - and now he'll be targeting more glory with Manchester City this season.

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With the FIFA 22 ratings being revealed, what's in store for Sterling this season?


Raheem Sterling FIFA 22 Rating REVEALED

England winger Raheem Sterling found himself out of favour with City boss Guardiola towards the end of the season, but bounced back for England in the summer!

There is no doubting Sterling's quality, but this season he will face serious competition in the City starting line-up from all of Jack Grealish, Phil Foden, Bernardo Silva, Gabriel Jesus, and Ferran Torres.

sterling fifa 22
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BIG GAME PLAYER - Sterling turned up at Euro 2020

His superb form at Euro 2020 has seen him keep hold of his 88 OVR, although some of his individual attributes have changed slightly.

Sterling has seen a -2 for Pace, +1 for Shooting, -3 for Dribbling, and +1 for Physical. All in all a bit of a mixed bag, but he should still be pretty useful in FIFA 22.

Raheem Sterling's FIFA 21 cards

Sterling claimed four different cards on FIFA 21, and you could expect to see some similar items on FIFA 22.

fifa 21 sterling 88
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CITIZEN - Sterling is a Man City fan favorite

Kicking things off with Sterling's 88 OVR FIFA 21 base card.

The Englishman boasts great pace (93), dribbling (90) and shooting (81) along with four-star skill moves.

sterling ucl totgs 89 fifa 21
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EUROPEAN EXCELLENCE - Sterling helped take Man City to the Champions League final

Next up, we have Sterling's 89 OVR UEFA Champions League Team of the Group Stage item, for his performances in the opening UCL games.

This card has an amazing 95 agility and 95 balance, which are so key for any quality winger in FUT 21.

fifa 21 sterling totw in form 90 ovr
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SENSATIONAL STERLING - Sterling's TOTW 20 item broke the 90 barrier

Sterling then earned himself an epic TOTW 20 in-form card, which was a top tier Left Wing at the time of its release.

95 pace, 92 dribbling and 85 shooting we're some of the stats which made up Raheem's first 90 OVR card in FIFA 21.

fifa 21 fut birthday sterling 92
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PARTY TIME: EA handed Raz a ridiculous FUT Birthday item

Last, but by no means least, we have Sterling's FUT Birthday item - this was one that everybody wanted to pack in Ultimate Team!

With 97 pace, 94 dribbling, 88 shooting, and 86 passing along with five-star skill moves and four-star weak foot, this card STILL sells for a whopping 635,000 coins on PlayStation and 670,000 coins on Xbox.


Chemistry Styles

There's one go-to chemistry style that can be applied to most of Sterling's cards...

Deadeye - this is probably the best option for Raz, as it provides a +9 shooting boost along with a +7 passing boost.

Marksman - if you're looking to maximise Sterling's dribbling abilities, then this is the Chemistry Style for you, giving a +8 dribbling and shooting boost, along with +5 physicality.

Hawk - a Hawk is a go-to Chemistry style for any attacker, providing Sterling with a +4 pace boost, +7 shooting boost while also upping his physicality by 5.

Hunter - if you want to max out the Englishman's pace, then a Hunter is for you - giving a +7 shooting boost while boosting Sterling's acceleration and sprint speed to 99.

Similar Players

When it comes to similar players to Raheem Sterling, there are a few that come very close...


Marcus Rashford

fifa 21 rashford 85 ovr
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HERO - Rashford has made his mark on and off the field this year

If you are after a slightly cheaper option on the left flank, then fellow Englishman Marcus Rashford is a great option.


Rashford has good pace (91), dribbling (85) and shooting (83), along with five-star skill moves.

The Manchester United man is available for 17,500 coins on PlayStation and 19,750 coins on Xbox.

Eden Hazard

fifa 21 eden hazard 88
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BELGIAN BRILLIANCE - Hazard is unplayable when at his best

Eden Hazard's FIFA 21 card is very similar to that of Raheem Sterling.


The Belgian winger's stronger stats are his dribbling (92), pace (88) and shooting (82) - similar to Sterling.

Hazard is a bargain in FUT at just 35,000 coins on PlayStation and 33,500 on Xbox.

Raheem Sterling in Career Mode

In FIFA 21 Raheem Sterling had a potential of 88 OVR.

We think his potential could be either 88 OVR or 89 OVR in FIFA 22, judging by how well he has played at Euro 2020, along with the fact that he is still only 26 years old.

If you want to sign Sterling in FIFA 22 Career Mode, he'll cost a fair chunk of cash!

We expect Sterling to be valued at around £80-£90 million in FIFA 22, with a wage of £230k per week.