FIFA 22 Rare Gold Pack: Cost and Probabilities

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FIFA 22 Ultimate Team is well underway now, with the Road to the Knockouts promo in full swing!

So, with content coming left, right and centre, you'll want to know what's in your Division Rivals and Squad Battles rewards and specifically what each pack contains.

Find out what a Rare Gold Pack contains below and how much it'll cost.


Rare Gold Packs are only sometimes available in the promo packs section of the store and are released for a limited time only.

You can see the price of the Rare Gold Pack below.

The value equates to $4.99/ £3.99 per pack in real money, and you can't purchase 500 FIFA Points at a time in the store.

  • 25,000 coins
  • 500 FIFA Points

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There are 12 items in the Rare Gold Pack with a mixture of players and consumables.

Take a look at the exact contents below.

  • 12 Items
  • 12 Rares
  • 12 Gold

Cards types:

  • Players
  • Staff
  • Consumables
  • Club Items


With every card in this pack being rare, you could pull a big player or even a high-value chemistry style or position change consumable.

The chances are you aren't going to pull a promo card, but here is what you can expect from your pack.

You are guaranteed at least one 75+ rated Gold player, and chances are there will be a few more of them too.

  • Gold 75+ Player - 100%
  • Gold 82+ Player - 58%
  • Gold 86+ Player - 4.3%
  • Special Player - 1%

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