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FIFA 22 Kylian Mbappe: ALL of the speedsters FUT cards and how to use him

The Team of the Year (TOTY) promo is well underway in Ultimate Team and one player continues to dominate FIFA 22. That man is Kylian Mbappe.

Find out everything you need to know about Mbappe in FIFA 22 here.

Latest - TOTY Mbappe out now

Kylian Mbappe has been handed what is quite possibly the best card in FIFA 22 Ultimate bar none.

The Frenchman was included in the Team of the Year as voted for by the fans after an outstanding 2021 campaign with PSG and France.

Mbappe's 97 OVR TOTY card boasts 99 pace, 98 dribbling, 95 shooting, 90 passing and 88 physicality.

The striker also has five-star skill moves and a four-star weak foot which takes him to the next level.

This TOTY card sells for roughly 6.5 million coins on PlayStation and 4.9 million coins on Xbox, so good luck affording him!

Kylian Mbappe FIFA 22 Base Card

Having enjoyed the most prolific goal scoring season of his career with 42 goals in 47 games for PSG, Kylian Mbappe's rating has been boosted to 91 OVR.

The speedster is most renowned for his speed - and with 97 pace he is an absolute nightmare to defend against.

Not only that but 92 dribbling means the ball sticks to his foot - which that perhaps being the hey attribute in FIFA 22's meta.

Then when the chance comes, you can expect the World Cup winner to stick it away with an 88 shooting attribute.


It's a card that you can't get hold of - and may not ever see - with this VIP card only for EA influencers.

Joao Felix is the only player we've seen get the VIP Mbappe - which has all the same stats as his base card.

This was brought in as EA abolished 99-rated cards for pro footballers.

Chemistry Styles

There are a few different chemistry styles that can be applied effectively to Mbappe's card.

Marksman - this is probably the best option when trying to round Mbappe out as a complete striker, giving a +7 boost to shooting, +6 boost to dribbling and +5 boost to his physical stats.

Deadeye - if you are looking to play the Frenchman in more of a playmaker role, then a deadeye is the chemistry style for you, providing a +8 passing boost along with +8 shooting.

Hawk - if you are desperate to max out Mbappe's pace, then a Hawk chemistry style will do that, plus it will give +7 shooting and a +5 physicality boost.

Finisher - a Finisher chemistry style will provide you with maximum boosts to Mbappe's shooting, along with a +4 dribbling boost.

Similar Players

It's pretty hard to find base FIFA 22 cards on Mbappe's level, but check out who can try to match the PSG striker below.

Cristiano Ronaldo

Cristiano Ronaldo is perhaps the only base card that comes close to Mbappe in FIFA 21.

With outstanding pace (87), dribbling (88) and shooting (93), along with five-star skill moves and a four-star weak foot, there are very few differences between the two cards.

Like Kylian Mbappe, CR7 does come with a hefty price tag, coming in at over 1.3 million coins on PlayStation and 1.1 million coins on Xbox.

Jonathan David (Featured TOTW)

If you can't afford Mbappe (and how could you, really) - picking up these in-form Jonathan David card would be a shrewd move.

This 84-rated item costs just 25,000 coins on both consoles - and can improve throughout the year - and we'd expect this to end up with an 87 or 88 rating in a few months time.

Currently, the Canadian offers 89 pace, 84 dribbling and 82 shooting - making him like a mini Mbappe.

Kylian Mbappe in Career Mode

Mbappe is one of the best prospects in Career Mode, with a potential of 95 OVR in FIFA 22.

That means he has the potential to reach a level higher than Cristiano Ronaldo or Lionel Messi ever have.

Despite his potential, the 22-year-old only has a year remaining on his PSG contract, so perhaps you could sign him for £90 million (but bear in mind the Parisians turned down a bid of £172 million from Real Madrid).

If not, you can battle it out with the rest of the world to sign him on a pre contract agreement from 1 January, 2022.

Kylian Mbappe's FIFA 21 cards

Mbappe claimed six different cards on FIFA 21, and you could expect to see some similar special items on FIFA 22.

fifa 21 mbappe base 90
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+ 6
PERFECT PACE: Mbappe's FIFA 21 base card was one of the fastest on the game

First up, we've got Mbappe's incredible base item which terrorised so many FUT Weekend League defences.

The Frenchman was handed an astonishing 96 pace, 91 dribbling and 86 shooting.

fifa 21 record breaker mbappe 91
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+ 6
REMARKABLE TEENAGER: Mbappe had scored 10 UCL goals at the age of 19

Mbappe's first special card came in the form of a Record Breaker, rewarding him for becoming the youngest player in history to score 10 UEFA Champions League goals in 2017.

EA gave the PSG man a +4 in Shooting, making this card absolutely lethal in front of the goal.

fifa 21 mbappe ucl motm 91 LW
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HATTRICK HERO: Mbappe bagged himself three goals at the Nou Camp in February

Mbappe tore Barca to shreds with his pace, skill and clinical finishing in a UEFA Champions League knockout game back in February, and was rewarded with a UCL MOTM card.

This was an exciting one for FIFA fans, as the Frenchman's position was changed to a Left-Wing, providing a different option in Ultimate Team.

fifa 21 mbappe potm ligue 1 92 LW
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MAN OF THE MOMENT: The young Frenchman outshone the rest in February

The UCL was not the only competition that Mbappe tore up in February, scoring four goals and winning the Ligue 1 Player of the Month award.

The wonderkid's POTM card was really special - with 98 pace, 93 dribbling and 89 shooting, the card's SBC price came in at over 2 million coins upon release.

fifa 21 mbappe toty 98
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SENSATIONAL STRIKER: This Team of the Year card was just outrageous

Moving onto Mbappe's TOTY item, which he earned for an outstanding 2020 year of football.

If you were lucky enough to play with this card in FUT Draft, you'll know just how overpowered it was - the 99 pace, 98 dribbling and 96 shooting speaks for itself.

fifa 21 mbappe tots 97 st
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+ 6
FANTASTIC FRENCHMAN: Mbappe's TOTS item has five base stats above 90 rated

And last, but by no means least, we have Kylian Mbappe's Team of the Season card, celebrating the 27 goals and 7 assists that he picked up in the French Ligue 1.

EA handed Mbappe 92 physical to go along with the rest of his incredible stats, which means that this card still sells for 3.7 million coins on PlayStation and 3.5 million coins on Xbox.

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