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FIFA 22 Best and Worst Teams: PSG remain the team to beat

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The new year is upon us, and EA has rolled out plenty of roster updates in FIFA 22, but one club has remained at the top of the power rankings.

Whether you want the best team to play with, a young side to start a Career Mode save, or the worst FIFA has to offer to challenge yourself, we have you covered.

Read on to find out all you need to know about the best and worst teams on FIFA 22.

Best Club Teams

If you're looking to play with the most elite club on FIFA 22, look no further than PSG.

The French giants are rated 88 ATK, 84 MID, 83 DEF with 86 OVR, the highest of any current team in the game.

fifa 22 psg
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SUPERSTARS - PSG boast an insane squad this season

The attacking trio of Lionel Messi, Neymar, and Kylian Mbappe is well documented, but the midfield and defence is also filled with world-class talent.

Manchester City (OVR 85) are the next best, followed by fellow Premier League clubs Liverpool and Chelsea.

Club Rating Attack Midfield Defence
Man City85848785
Bayern Munich84928582
Atletico Madrid84848383
Real Madrid84848683
Man Utd83868381

Worst Club Teams

If you want to challenge yourself, or if your mates are really bad at FIFA, then these are the teams to use.

Ireland and India are the countries to look for when searching for one of the worst-rated teams in the game.

Taking on and beating one of the top-level teams with Irish side Longford Town will earn some big street cred.

Their lowly rating of ATK 55, MID 54, DEF 53 will give any player a challenging time to play.

Club Rating Attack Midfield Defence
Longford Town54555453
Finn Harps56505657
Drogheda Utd57585756
Odisha FC57705657
Waterford FC57565757

International Men's Teams

Over the summer we saw Argentina win the Copa America and Italy win Euro 2020, but France and Germany are the top dogs in FIFA 22.

With 84 ATK, 86 MID, 81 DEF, it is Germany that is now ranked as the best national side in the game.

fifa 22 mbappe
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BEATEN TO THE PUNCH - France have been knocked off their perch

We would still opt for France though with Kylian Mbappe being boosted to a 91 OVR and Karim Benzema rejoining the squad making their attack incredible.

A new 90 OVR for N'Golo Kante sees his partnership with Paul Pogba in midfield become one of the best in the game too, so they are a very strong team.

Country Rating Attack Midfield Defence

The worst international men's team is New Zealand, with 69 ATK, 67 MID, 68 DEF, so if you want to embarrass your mates on the international stage, make sure to use them.

International Women's Teams

You can still only use women players in their international teams, and when EA released the top 22 women players it was clear what team would come out on top.

Despite not being the top-rated players, there was an abundance of players from the USA in the top 22, with 6 overall.

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They will be the go-to team to use, with 87 ATK, 86 MID, 84 DEF giving them a 5* rating in FIFA 22.

Following them are Germany, with 84 ATK, 84 MID, 81 DEF and a 5* rating.

France comes in at third best, with 86 ATK, 82 MID, 82 DEF and a 4.5* rating.

If you want a challenge, the worst womens team to use is Mexico, with 73 ATK, 73 MID, 72 DEF and a 3.5* rating.

Bonus Teams

If you want to all out with footballing ability, you can choose to use the Soccer Aid team.

Their squad is made up of world-class icons from the past and includes the likes of Pele, Maradona and Zidane, among many others.

The team rating of 94 ATK, 93 MID, 92 DEF and 5* will give you the ability to dismantle most opposition, or at least give you the biggest helping hand available.

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You could also use the Adidas All-Star team, which is made up of current top players.

With 89 ATK, 86 MID, 85 DEF and 5* most other teams can't compete.

A midfield three of Kante, Goretzka and Pogba can dominate the ball, plus there's a little man called Messi up top.

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