FIFA 21 Celebrations: Tutorials, Button Combos, Cry Baby, Peace, & more

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If all the PS5 and Xbox Series X pre-order excitement weren't enough, we're now getting our very own tutorial on FIFA 21 celebrations in just a couple of days.

Here's what you need to know!

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FIFA 21 Celebrations REVEALED

The new FIFA 21 celebrations are here!



When does FIFA 21 launch?

The full version of FIFA 21 is arriving on Friday, 9 October.

If you pre-order the FIFA 21 Ultimate Edition or Champions Edition you’ll be able to play from Tuesday, 6 October.

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YOUR TRAINING...IS COMPLETE! Best of luck out there!


Unfortunately there is no demo this year, however the EA Play (PS4, Xbox One & PC) trial will start on Thursday, 1 October.

We're looking forward to discovering more about this part of the game - as always, make sure to check back in for all the latest in the run-up to FIFA 21's release!

What's new?

There's plenty of new celebrations in FIFA 21.

Dele Alli's "A" is in the game as a signature celebration, as are the Binoculars.

Cry Baby is there, as is Erling Haaland's iconic "Peace" celebration.

EA post FIFA 21 launch date and preorder details
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CAN YOU TAKE ANOTHER ONE? Selfies are making an appearance in the game!


There are selfies, spinning knee slides and all sorts of ways to show off and celebrate your amazing goals.

The button combinations can be complex, so make sure you watch a few times and master the combo so you can pull out the right celebration when you want it!

Button Combos

  • Finger Twist (signature celebration) - Tap X
  • Cry Baby - Run to camera
  • Disbelief - Hold R2 + R3↓
  • Dance and Spin - Hold R2 + Flick R3→→
  • “A” (signature celebration) - Tap X
  • Binoculars (signature celebration) - Tap X
  • Peace - Hold R1 + Double Tap ▢
  • Selfie - Run to ad boards
  • Knee Slide Spin - Hold L1 + R3↑→↓←
  • Royal Wave - Tap O (Random)
  • Hop and Point - Hold R2 + R3↓↓
  • Surf and Flex - Hold L2 + R3↓↑
  • Relax - Hold R2 + R3←
  • Camera Swipe - Run to camera

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