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FIFA 20 Ultimate Team: TOTT Hakimi Full Review

Another day, another SBC and another player up for grabs! This time in the form of Achraf Hakimi, the young Dortmund right midfielder. 

Available for another four days, we estimate you can complete this SBC for as little as 20k (PS4) / 21k (Xbox One) - in return, you will receive his 82-rated Champions League TOTT card. 

For that price we think this card is a bit of bargain, that might actually be useful elsewhere on the pitch...

Achraf Hakimi (OVR 82)

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Age: 21

Position: RM


Club: Borussia Dortmund

Country: Morocco

Best stats: 95 sprint speed, 87 stamina, 87 dribbling

Cost: Estimated SBC price - 20,000 coins

Currently on loan from Real Madrid, Achraf Hakimi Mouh is blossoming into quite the player.

At the age of only 21, the young Moroccan has already made 28 appearances for Real Madrid Castilla (Real Madrid’s reserve team that competes in Spain’s third tier), nine appearances for the first team, 31 appearances for Borussia Dortmund, and 28 appearances for his national side. 

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So far he has played his best football this season in the Champions League, and for these efforts, EA has awarded him an 82-rated UCL TOTT RM card in Ultimate Team.



Hakimi’s pace is insane, and it’s as simple as that.

91 acceleration and 95 pace are as good as you could hope for, especially at this stage in the Ultimate Team game cycle - they make Hakimi incredibly dangerous in any of the RM, RW and RF positions.


Admittedly, Hakimi’s shooting is not the best, but he does have an 81 positioning stat which means he will naturally find space in dangerous spaces. 85 shot power does slightly overwrite his lack of shooting prowess and means he will still bang in his fair share of goals from close range due to the sheer strength of his shot power. 

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This RM card’s passing stats are again fairly average, but again possess a few specific high ratings that elevate its usability.

81 crossing means Hakimi can whip in dangerous balls from out wide, and 85 short passing means you can choose to cut inside and get to the by-line.

Put simply, assists are Hakimi’s bread and butter. 

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TEAM OF THE TOURNAMENT: Hakimi's performances so far in the UCL have earned him an 82-rated upgrade.



Hakimi’s dribbling stats are very good. 80 reactions, 82 ball control and 87 dribbling mean he is well equipped to beat defenders, find space, and deliver that killer ball.

However, it is worth noting that this card’s balance, agility and composure leave a lot to be desired and mean that he will feel somewhat clunky to use. 


Fairly irrelevant for a RM, Hakimi’s defensive stats are actually pretty decent, making him a good option as a RWB if you switch him in game.

77 interceptions, 78 standing tackle and 75 defensive awareness are just a few of his impressive attributes, so if you tend to switch to a 5 at the back formation in-game, this card could be very useful for you.

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Hakimi’s physicality stats are again, decent, but nothing to shout about. 87 stamina is very good, and means he will run around all game long, but 75 strength and 69 aggression aren’t the best, so don't expect him to hold off too many defenders.



For only 20k, this card is fairly good value for money. Not the best, but certainly not the worst - if you have an abundance of untradeable players in your club or a lot of coins to play with, he could be worth picking up. 

If you plan on using Hakimi as an attacking RW or RF, we recommend using a Deadeye on him, boosting his shooting to 81 and his passing to 83. 

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SOLID DEFENDER: With a Sentinel chemistry style Hakimi becomes a solid option as CDM or RB.


However, as we mentioned earlier, this card might be very useful elsewhere on the pitch.

It’s worth noting that if you apply a Sentinel chemistry style to Hakimi, you will boost his defending to 86 and his physicality to 84 - transforming him instantly into a really good RB or CDM.

If you can fit Hakimi into a squad with Cuadrado, who’s RB card is available as an SBC, you could switch them in game and have a very strong right flank. 

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