FIFA 20 Weekend League: How to play like a Pro Player

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We recently got the chance to chat with Manchester City's latest signing, Ryan Pessoa, ahead of the competitive FIFA 20 season.

After we spoke about Ryan's aspirations for the eWorld Cup, the esport pro shared his tips and tricks for the latest instalment of EA's football title.

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Keep reading to find out how to play like a pro and reach your 'A' game!


How do you set up your team?

"I've been trying out 4-2-2-2. I use five, five, balanced, balanced"

(this means five defensive depth, five defensive width, and both the offensive and defensive tactics set to balanced)

"On the pro scene everyone is defensive, they sit back, but I don't like playing that way.

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A lot of pros use 4-2-3-1, but the problem is it's negative - I prefer using a better balance."

If it's boring, why do pros use 4-2-3-1?

"In the pro scene whoever scores first tends to win. So players sit back and just try to get one chance and score it."


How have you dealt with the shift to manual defending?

"Defending is more manual than last year, but it’s still AI and a lot of people online still use AI defence.

I’m terrible at it because I don’t trust AI to do it for me - I’m too manual for my own good, I end up breaking my defensive line.

Although, against a pro I wouldn’t rush up. It's important to keep your shape in more competitive matches."

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FOR THE BADGE: Ryan has signed for Premier League Champions Man City


How do you score long shots on this game?

"You can’t.

I don’t bother, I don’t timed finish.

I actually turn off timed finishing as the risk vs reward element isn’t high enough to take the risk

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Hopefully they get shooting right with the new update, but I thought it was fine before the previous patch.

They’ve supposedly been shooting in the box a lot better, but unless you’re using Messi, long shots are hard."


How do you score penalties on FIFA 20?

"In pro tournaments we have to have the aiming icon turned off – can you imagine the icon off, how am I supposed to score?!

I don’t know how you’re supposed to take a penalty with the aimer off, it’s so hard.

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I just pick a side, stick to it and try to go for it."

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REUNITED: Ryan will rejoin friend and teammate Shuan 'Shellzz' Springette, who he played with whilst on loan last season


How do you score free kicks?

"There’s actually a glitch where you use full power down the middle and do a poor timed finish.

You don’t have to be a good player, you can even score it with goalkeepers!

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However, that’s been banned in pro tournaments because it’s an exploit.

My go to tactic is passing short, dribble and work around to make an opportunity."

How about corners?

"The same as free kicks - I go short and work around."

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