FIFA 20: Top 15 leagues fans want to see in EA’s new game

More than four million gamers voted on what leagues need to be included in this year’s game.

by Louis Hutchinson

FIFA 20 may have the Champions League, but it turns out fans are still after a load more.

In a recent poll by FIFplay, FIFA gamers voted on what leagues they wanted to see in this year’s game – and the UAE League came out on top.

Finnish League was second, Brazilian League (fully licensed) came third while the Indian League was the least popular.

Here’s the full table.

So how likely is it that EA will add new leagues to the game? Well, last year the Chinese Super League (CSL) was added, and featured Brazilian stars Oscar, Hulk and Alex Pato.

Which league would you like to see on FIFA 20?


License wars

It would be a good idea for EA to add one of these leagues to improve their position in the licensing battle with PES publisher Konami.

Now that the Japanese company has exclusivity rights to Juventus, EA’s FIFA 20 needs to step up in the licence department.

With the official release of FIFA 20 on September 27 EA hasa limited time to tie down a licensing contract. Will they get a league added in time for the launch of the game? Only time will tell.

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Louis Hutchinson