FIFA 19 TOTW 42 Prediction (Ultimate Team of the Week 42)

With the Premier League back in action, we look at who could head straight into the TOTW.

As the 2019/2020 season unfolds in an intense filled weekend, we see teams from the Premier League, Championship, Ligue 1, Eredivisie, Serie A and the Primeira Liga all take on their first game to kick start what could be a successful season for them all.

In the PL, Manchester United secure their biggest win against Chelsea since 1965; VAR (Video Assistant Referee), destroys all hopes of a win for Wolverhampton over Leicester due to a disallowed goal, and Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang edges Arsenal ahead of Newcastle.

In this exciting new start to the season, who could make the FIFA 19 Team of the Week?

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A squad of 23 in-form players will be released on Wednesday, August 15 at 6pm BST, which can be challenged for coin boost on Ultimate Team. You can gain these players inside packs which can be purchased from the FUT store, or buy and sell them individually on the transfer market to give your team an upper hand against your opponents.

RealSport takes a dive into who could make the Team of the Week this time around.

Kenneth Vermeer (OVR 75 – SIF 83)

We start in the Eredivisie, with Kenneth Vermeer, who was able to secure the draw for Feyenoord against SC Heerenveen with four game-changing saves, ensuring that his team gained a point on the table.

Vermeer’s 75 overall on Ultimate Team should improve to gold second in-form 83, with his base card being worth 450 coins on Playstation and 600 coins on Xbox.

Lewis Dunk (OVR 77 – IF 80)

The captain for Brighton, Dunk, led his team to victory with a 3-0 win over Watford. He was able to block an Andre Gray shot on the line; also gaining an assist. After much speculation with his potential move to Leicester, Dunk did a fantastic job leading by example for Brighton.

Dunk’s 77 overall, should look to rise to 80 for the Team of the Week, with his base card costing 700 coins on playstation and 900 coins on Xbox. This card could be a must have for all budget Ultimate Teams out there.

Virgil van Dijk (OVR 88 – 4IF 92)

Virgil van Dijk was able to highlight both his defensive and attacking abilities last season whilst gaining himself three in-form cards. However, what’s to stop him getting his fourth after once again scoring another aerial goal and earning himself Man of the Match with his combined defensive abilities. 

Van Dijk’s current overall rating is 88. RealSport expect this to a staggering 92 rating in this week’s TOTW, with his base card costing 69,500 coins on Playstation and 63,000 coins on Xbox.

Danny Wilson (OVR 68 – IF 71)

Colorado Rapids CB Danny Wilson has not only scored a goal in his most recent game to secure the win against LAFC, but also had a solid day in defence with a few tackles that stopped some potential dangerous attacks.

Wilsons Ultimate Team silver rated card 68 is worth 800 coins on Playstation and around 1,000 coins on Xbox. This may rise if makes the Team of the Week 42.

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Johann Berg Gudmundsson (OVR 79 – IF 82)

Right midfielder Johann Berg Gudmundsson assured the 3-0 win over Southampton with a late goal. His accurate crosses and strong aerial duals make him a strong candidate for TOTW 42, making his debut IF card on FIFA 19.

Gudmundsson’s base card rating is 79, costing 1,200 coins on Playstation and 1,800 coins on Xbox can be expected to rise to 82 if he makes this weeks cut in the Team of the Week for FUT.

Paul Pogba (OVR 88 – SIF 92)

Paul Pogba, now under new management is able to push forward which is where he works best; this is highlighted through 2 assists with his almost flawless passing abilities for the Man Utd side as they beat Chelsea 4-0.

The base rated Pogba card is 88 rated which costs on average 45,250 coins on Playstation and 42,250 coins on Xbox. The Frenchman already has a 91 rated IF card which costs 257,000 coins on Playstation and 250,000 coins on Xbox.

Paul Gallagher (OVR 70 – IF 73)

In the EFL Championship, Paul Gallagher has conveyed his strengths in taking set pieces, and being relaxed when on the ball for his team Preston North End. Gallagher earned himself MOTM in the bout against Wigan whilst also scoring a goal in the 3-0 win.

Gallagher’s silver base card rated 70 will look to increase to a silver IF rated 73. With the CM costing around 500 coins on Playstation and 1,300 coins on Xbox. If you are a hard-core road to glory player ,this is looking like a card to buy early and profit a couple hundred coins if an IF is released.

Raheem Sterling (OVR 87 – 4IF 91)

With Raheem Sterling already gaining 3 in-form cards in FIFA 19 it makes it harder to predict whether or not he will gain his fourth. Nonetheless, his outstanding performance this week, scoring a hat-trick in a 5-0 win over West Ham.

Raheem’s current overall rating of 87 can look to be increased up to 91; with his base card costing 25,250 coins on Playstation and 27,250 coins on Xbox. However, his already IF card rated 90 costing just under 100k coins on Playstation and around the 200k mark for Xbox. Get saving!

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Marcus Rashford (OVR 82 – SIF 87)

After Chelsea had several near miss attempts at goal, United were able to utilise a quick break and gain a penalty which Rashford was able to slot in the top left corner, which is difficult for any keepr to save; giving the Red Devils early lead. He was then able to score a second goal in style securing the 4-0 in overall the blues.

Rashford’s overall rating is 82, which should look to rise to 87 for the Team of the Week, with his base card costing 9,400 coins on Playstation and 9,800 on Xbox.

Harry Kane (OVR 90 – SIF 92)

Aston Villa took the early lead against Tottenham with a quick break away goal. This wake up call consequently lead to a 3-1 win to Tottenham with Kane once again being a crucial part to the teams victory, scoring two goals; portraying how he does the all the basics well.

The ST has a base rated card of 90 which costs 38,250 coins on the Playstation and 33,000 coins on Xbox. This card is likely to be increased to a solid 92 rating in Team of the Week, ideal for anyone who has a Premier League or English side on Ultimate Team.

Wayne Rooney (OVR 80 – SIF 85)

We finish in the MLS with Wayne Rooney, as he was able to score yet another goal in his very successful football career, for DC United. He has already received an 83 rated IF card in week 27; since this he has consistently played well in all games making him a strong contender for this TOTW.

Rooney’s 80 rated base card costs on average 750 coins on Playstation and 750 coins on Xbox. With his IF card rated 83 worth 45,250 coins on Playstation and 47,500 coins on Xbox; it can be expected that an 85 rated Waz can cost more than both of these.

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RealSport’s TOTW 42 prediction

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