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FIFA 18: Complete controls guide (goalkeeper, defence & attack) on PS4 & Xbox One

Every FIFA game is the same right? Wrong. There are always a couple of new features that come into the game, which can mean some new controls. This is the case on FIFA 18, with some new sneaky little moves which can make a big difference on the pitch.

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Whether you're new to FIFA games or looking for that extra edge on FIFA 18, we’ve got all the controls for you, and an explanation on the subtle moves that can help you up your game. 


Action PS4 controls Xbox One controls 
Move PlayerMove L stickMove L stick
Change player (defence)L1LB
Switch player (manual)R stickR stick
Protect ball (attack)/jockey (defence)L2 (hold)LT (hold)
First touch/knock-on (with ball)R2 + R stickRT + R stick
Stop and face goal (with ball)L stick (release) + L1L stick (release) + LB
Face up dribblingL2 + R2LT + RT
Stop ballL stick (release) + R2L stick (release) + RT
No touch small feintsR1RB
Dummy ball (when receiving)Hold R1Hold RB
Let ball runR1 + L stick (first time)RB + L stick (first time)
Slow dribbleL1 + L stickLB + L stick

Last years game saw a change in the moves you can do with your feet, with the ability to let the ball run to deceive your opponent. Using the no touch small feints (R1/RB) and let ball run (R1/RB + L stick) controls can entice the defender to dive in, and you can then dribble past him. Similarly, if you have your back to the defender and he isn’t directly behind you, using dummy ball (hold R1/RB) can allow you to spin in behind. 

To be successful on FIFA 18, you must protect the ball (hold L2/LT). Without holding this down when under pressure from a defender, you will consistently lose the ball, but you must time this when sprinting otherwise you will be knocked off balance. Equally, using the function in defence can help you shrug the attacker off the ball. 

Face up dribbling (L2 + R2/LT + RT) can be another game changer, especially if you're looking to hold the ball up before bursting past your opponent. Practice using first touch/knock-on (R2/RT + R stick) and if you get the timing right, you can leave the defender for dust or set yourself up for a volley. 

Let ball run

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