FIFA 20: First look at all things VOLTA – Story mode, Shop, Squad Management and more

Popular streamer Castro1021 Reveals ALL on the incredible new street mode on the EA title.

by Callum Inwood

Some big reveals have come out of Gamescom, as well known FIFA streamer Castro1021 highlights Volta Football – a new mode – that will be included in FIFA 20 whilst streaming at the popular event in Cologne, Germany.

Here is all that we know about Volta Football in FIFA 20:

Photo via Castro_1021

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Volta Football Game modes

Within Volta Football it gives you three options to play and these are:

Each of these game modes are played inside the five continents in the Volta world. The cities so far appear to be:

  • North America
    • Los Angeles, USA
    • Miami, USA
    • New York City, USA
    • Montreal, Canada
    • Toronto, Canada
    • Mexico City, Mexico
  • South America
    • Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
    • Buenos Aires, Argentina

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  • Europe
    • London, UK
    • Amsterdam, Netherlands
    • Paris, France
  • Africa
    • Lagos, Nigeria
    • Cape Town, South Africa
  • Asia
    • Tokyo, Japan

Photo via Castro_1021

As highlighted, there are matches & tournaments and that can be unlocked in various cities with your progression through the story mode; this is the same for both Volta League and Volta Tour.

Volta Story

Castro1021 unveils the beginning of the story mode, which starts at J10’s clubhouse and training court, where you are able to pick up tournaments and matches.

The first event available inside of J10’s is a tryout:

Tournament Type: Knockout

Match Type: Standard

Skill Game: Warehouse Skillers

You create your own character, which enters the J10 warehouse whilst a game is being played. It then enters your character into the game at the current score of 1-1; to pass the tryout, you will have to win the game.

Once passed the first event you are taking through the aims of the J10 team which is to be the best team in Volta Football.

Volta Shop

Essential items can be acquired in Volta Football through using coins earned by playing matches. Example’s of this are t-shirts, shorts, leggings and jackets.

Photo via Castro_1021

However, you are also able to define the identity and style of you and your squad. Equip clothing items, hair-styles and tattoos gained by either completing Objectives or by unlocking them from the VOLTA shop using VOLTA coins.

Does this mean Micro-Transactions will be included in Volta Football?

Squad Management

Photo via Castro_1021

Squad Management will allow you to organise your squad for each match you play depending on what it is; you will be able to:

  • Choose your formation and starting line-up
  • Mix and match players from different turfs to create unique Chemistry Styles
  • Unlock different attribute boosts

Once you are in a game, you cannot make substitutions which will therefore make your team selection very tactical depending on who and what game type you are playing.

The game styles you can play are:

  • 3v3
  • 3v3 rush
  • 4v4
  • 4v4 rush
  • 5v5

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Skills Training

Photo via Castro_1021

You will be able to increase each of your player’s skill ability through Skills training. Once training is complete, their overall ability at each skill will increase depending on the skill that was completed.

Skill Tree

Along with Skill training, each player has their own Skill tree which will allow them to unlock new skills and abilities using skill points that are collected by completing matches.

The skill tree will allow its users to test out different combinations of skills and re-spec their squad.

Player Recruitment

Photo via Castro_1021

Winning matches in Volta Football will allow you to recruit new players for your squad.

Different players may have preferred positions and courts; therefore, if you recruit a good player but they are not playing where they want could lead to a decrease in chemistry and overall a worse team!

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Let us know about what you think about the new Volta Football is coming with the new FIFA 20 this September down below!


Callum Inwood