Xbox Live Will Officially Be Renamed Xbox Network

After the Xbox network name was originally revealed by beta testers, Microsoft has confirmed that Xbox Live will be rebranded to the Xbox network.

Here's what we know so far about the change and what it means for subscribers.

Xbox Network Revealed

Microsoft have officially revealed that the Xbox network is coming as a rebranding for Xbox Live, the console family's online service for nearly two decades.

This change is to better clarify between baseline Xbox online features and Xbox Live Gold memberships, according to a Microsoft spokesperson.

What Does This Mean for Xbox Gamers?

The name change won't feature any changes to the online architecture of Xbox and its membership plans.

Xbox Live logo - rebranded to Xbox network
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GONE BUT NOT FORGOTTEN: Xbox Live is forever changed

This new change is strictly cosmetic, and helps distinguish Xbox services more easily.

While fans may be surprised to see Xbox Live changed after nearly two decades of use, it seems Microsoft are going forward with the rebranding decision.

Xbox Series X Restock Updates

Next gen consoles Xbox Series X|S and the PS5 have been plagued with stock issues since launch.

Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S Consoles
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RETAIL: Next gen consoles are hard to find at retail price

These stock issues have led to the founding of an entire market where resellers are regularly selling consoles at above-retail prices, and bots are ensuring limited restocks are bought out quickly for this purpose.

For those still looking to pick up their Xbox Series X console at retail price, we have some good news - Walmart will be the place to go this week.

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