Xbox Games With Gold November 2021 ANNOUNCED

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Xbox's Games with Gold has been a bit mediocre in comparison to PS Plus and Xbox Game Pass. That being said, this month is a pretty solid one with some great little indies. Here's what you should know.

LATEST - Announcement live now

After a longer wait than usual, the November Games With Gold announcement has finally gone live. You can see all the games below.


The games are:

November Xbox Games with Gold Release Date

We tend to see each month's games announced on the last Wednesday of the previous month. For this reason, we're expecting to see them on Wednesday, October 27th. Xbox's Major Nelson tends to be the one to announce them.


Following the announcement, we will then be able to download and play the games on November 1st, a Monday. Make sure to give Major Nelson a follow to get the announcements as soon as they come out.

Free Games Predictions

Predictions are really hard to do and often come off as arbitrary. For this reason, we'll skip the direct prediction and tell you how the games generally tend to work.


Each month, we will see two Xbox One games and two Xbox 360 games. The 360 titles tend to be one or two AAA games and the Xbox One games tend to be fairly cheap indie. They're rarely awful but they tend to pale in comparison to PlayStation Plus. A good way to guess what you will get next month is by looking at what we got last month. Here's what we received.

Last Month's Games

October had some decent games, including two horror-themed classics. Castlevania and Resident Evil are both worth downloading as soon as you can. Here they are:

  • Aaero - October 1st until October 31st
  • Hover - October 16th until November 15th
  • Castlevania: Harmony of Despair (Xbox 360) - October 1st until October 15th
  • Resident Evil Code: Veronica X (Xbox 360) - October 16th until October 31st