WoW Shadowlands Weekly Reset: What's going on with Warcraft this week?

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It's that time of the week again - whether you're fighting for the Alliance or against the Alliance as the Horde, there's a new World of Warcraft update and it's another weekly reset for WoW Shadowlands. Here's the latest on what you need to know.

RELEASE TIME - When did it all go down?

Every week, World of Warcraft resets at the same time. The US, Latin, and Oceanic Servers all get reset at the following times on Tuesday:

  • 08:00 PST
  • 11:00 EST
  • 16:00 BST

Following on from this, the European Servers are reset a little later at the following times on Wednesday:

  • 00:00 PST
  • 03:00 EST
  • 08:00 BST

The World of Warcraft daily reset is also at the same time of day on both servers - just every day, as you'd imagine.

WEEKLY RESET - What actually happens?

This week, it doesn't look like a new WoW Shadowlands Patch has dropped - so, that means the Weekly Reset is just going to be the standard refresh of Raids, Weekly Chests, World Bosses... Everything that you can grind for.


Earlier today, though, WoW Shadowlands' Patch 9.15 was added to the Public Test Servers (PTR). We're expecting this to drop in around three weeks, spending a spell on the PTR to allow Blizzard to test everything that's changing properly.

AoE limitations are being reversed, there's going to be major changes to the Covenant system, and you should find some more customisation options for a handful of Allied Races going forwards.

A lot of WoW players think that this update is releasing a little too late - as it is addressing bugs that have been on Blizzard's radar for months. Activision Blizzard has come under fire recently for its abhorrent workplace culture - you have to wonder if it's finally time for WoW Players to move on.

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