Blizzard is bringing the Chains of Domination to WoW Shadowlands

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World of Warcraft's next Shadowlands Weekly Reset is due on June 29th and it's going to be one of the most important updates to the title yet!

This is mainly because it's going to introduce the WoW Shadowlands 9.1 update to the servers after a long seven-month wait. Here's everything you need to know...


LATEST - Hours Away Now...

The next Weekly Reset to hit Shadowlands is going to be a bit of a big one. The Weekly Reset Server Downtime is due to begin at 07:00 PST / 10:00 EST / 15:00 BST and would usually end at around 08:00 PST / 11:00 EST / 16:00 BST.

However, due to the fact that this is introducing the WoW Shadowlands 9.1 update, we're expecting the Server Downtime to last a little bit longer.

This means we're expecting WoW Shadowlands' 9.1 Update to hit the game at around 12:00 PST / 15:00 EST / 20:00 BST after a long five hours of Downtime. It will be worthwhile though... Trust us.


WoW Shadowlands Weekly Reset - June 29

WoW Shadowlands 9.1 chains of domination sanctum of domination the jailer
REVOLUTION: The Shadowlands Covenants are coming together to siege The Jailer's own turf

Patch Notes

The WoW Shadowlands 9.1 patch notes have been available on the PTR for some months, and have received a number of upgrades over this period of time.


In the end, this creates for an absolutely massive set of patch notes, packed to the brim with new content, class balance changes, and plenty more.

Read over the WoW Shadowlands 9.1 patch notes here.

Sanctum of Domination Schedule

The WoW Shadowlands 9.1 update's crown jewel is its new raid, Sanctum of Domination.

Unfortunately the raid won't be available on the launch of Shadowlands 9.1, instead going live in next week's weekly reset.

Read over the full Sanctum of Domination release schedule below:

  • July 6: Normal, Heroic Difficulties
  • July 13: Mythic Difficulty, Raid Finder First Wing (The Tarragrue, The Eye of the Jailer, The Nine)
  • July 27: Raid Finder Second Wing (Soulrender Dormazain, Remnant of Ner’zhul, and Painsmith Raznal)
  • August 10: Raid Finder Third Wing (Guardian of the First Ones, Fatescribe Roh-Kalo, and Kel’Thuzad)
  • August 24: Raid Finder Fourth Wing (Sylvanas Windrunner)