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WoW Classic WotLK: How to get the Time-Lost Proto-Drake

Wrath of the Lich King arriving at World of Warcraft Classic not only ushers in tons of new and exciting content for players to do but also introduces numerous of mounts to collect.

From mounts that only come from Dungeons and Raids to mounts that serve as a reward after reaching exalted with a specific reputation, there is no shortage of them no matter how rare or lucrative they are.

However, perhaps one of the rarest mounts out of all of them is the Time-Lost Proto-Drake as claiming this aptly name drake not only saps away at your time but will also have you thinking if it's even worth it.

With that in mind, here's our guide on how to get the Time-Lost Proto-Drake in WoW Classic WotLK.

How to get the Time-Lost Proto-Drake

The Time-Lost Proto-Drake is an extremely rare drake that flies in the mountains of Storm Peaks that when killed drops a mount version of it alongside some other goodies such as a BoE neck piece with random secondary stats, and an Abandoned Adventurer's Satchel—like other rares in Northrend.

WoW Classic WotLK: How to get the Time-Lost Proto-Drake - Time-Lost Proto-Drake WoW
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Credit: Blizzard Entertainment
LOST IN TIME: The Time-Lost Proto-Drake wastes no time in moving about in Storm Peaks

Although it boasts a 100 percent drop chance when killed, the mount's rarity comes from the abundance of players that look to get it for themselves. Add the fact that it spawns on a timer of approximately 2-8 hours that is shared with Vyragosa, another rare drake in Storm Peaks that spawns more frequently, and obtaining the Time-Lost Proto-Drake is an all-time challenge.

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Time-Lost Proto-Drake Spawn Points and Pathing

Due to the difficulty of obtaining this mount, the best action to take is to pay attention to its spawn points and pathing.

We have provided a rough outline of where it spawns and where it paths below:

WoW Classic WotLK: How to get the Time-Lost Proto-Drake - Time-Lost Proto-Drake pathing and spawn
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FOLLOW ITS STEPS: The Time-Lost Proto-Drake has set spawn points and pathing

Once the Time-Lost Proto-Drake spawns, depending on where it first appears, it'll follow a specific path. Knowing where it spawns is key to determining which path it'll take along Storm Peaks. It's worth noting that Vyragosa shares all of this in common with the Time-Lost Proto-Drake.

Here is each path and its spawn points:

  • Green Path - spawns by the frozen lake
    • Coordinates: Storm Peaks 31, 69
  • Waterfall Path - spawns by the waterfall
    • Coordinates: Storm Peaks 35, 76
  • Brunnhildar Path - spawns by Brunnihildar Village
    • Coordinates: Storm Peaks 51, 71
  • Ulduar Path - spawns by Ulduar
    • Coordinates: Storm Peaks 52, 35

You can plop these down into your game with addons such as TomTom by writing /way.

Both the Time-Lost Proto-Drake and Vyragosa take 30 minutes to despawn once killed. The Time-Lost Proto-Drake's despawn timer can be extended by 20 minutes if it's not looted properly, and Vyragosa's can be shortened by around the same time depending on if it was skinned. In total, this means the Time-Lost Proto-Drake could take up to a whopping 8.5 hours to respawn between kills.

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Tips and Tricks to capturing the Time-Lost Proto-Drake

Apart from diligently following its spawn points and pathing, there are other things you can do to make capturing the Time-Lost Proto-Drake much easier.

First and foremost, addons. World of Warcraft's popular mods are a great way to ease the hassle of getting the Time-Lost Proto-Drake.

Here is a list of addons you can utilize to help you capture the elusive mount:

  • NPCscan - alerts you when a rare mob is within targeting distance
  • SilverDragon - shows rares as skull icons on your minimap and shows a popup whenever a rare has been sighted
  • TomTom - allows you to create waypoints to any location on the map

The second is macros. With just a click of a button, you can remove the pain of having to click or tab target the Time-Lost Proto-Drake altogether.

Here is a macro that will target either the Time-Lost Proto-Drake or Vyragosa. It'll also play a sound if Time-Lost Proto-Drake is targetted.

/targetexact Time-Lost Proto-Drake
/targetexact Vyragosa

/run local N = UnitName("Target");if N and (N=="Time-Lost Proto-Drake") then PlaySound(13363);print(date(),N,"Found");SetRaidTarget("target",8);end

Place this macro on one of your most comfortable keybinds and spam away, if the rare is in your vicinity it'll automatically target it without having to tab to it or move your mouse to click it.

That's it! All of this will make capturing the Time-Lost Proto-Drake a much easier time, but it's still a grind, so get your snacks ready.

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