Why The TopSpin 2K25 Community is Rightfully Upset with the State of the Game

TopSpin 2K25 Gucci Court

TopSpin 2K25 Gucci Court

TopSpin 2K25 came out on 23 April, and the Tennis community was excited to see the return of the historic franchise. Players were hoping this would mark the return of the golden age of Tennis games, as it's been quite hard to find a good Tennis title in the last couple of years.

I got a chance to review the game and I quite enjoyed it. It wasn't a perfect game, but the gameplay was really good, and I still stand by that. TopSpin 2K25 felt like a solid return for the TopSpin series, with a lot of positive aspects the Franchise could build upon in the future.

However, the main problems were also very noticeable from the start, especially the small roster. Well, it seems the TopSpin 2K25 fan base is very upset about the game's current state, just two months after its release.

Many players have completely left the game, and the sentiment in the community is that if 2K doesn't make some drastic changes, TopSpin 2K25 will have an early death. Here is why.

The Roster is Too Small!

Calling this roster small will be seen by many as an understatement since, as of the time of writing, the TopSpin 2K25 roster is composed of just 25 players.

Jannik Sinner is set to join the roster, which is good news as you want the best Tennis players in the world in the game. However, he is the only addition since the game was released, and we don't know when more players will be added.

Even with the addition of Sinner, you don't have enough players to somewhat recreate the "main phase" of a men's Grand Slam, as you would need 16 players to do that, but you only have 12.

TopSpin 2K25 roster
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What makes this even worse is that some of the best Tennis players in the world right now, such as Djokovic, Zverev, Rublev, Minaur, Ruud, Hurkacz, Tsitsipas, and Dimitrov, aren't in the game. Only two of the current ATP top ten ranked players are in TopSpin 2K25.

If 2K had announced what players are coming to the game, or at least said when and how many players will be added in the near future, this wouldn't be such a big problem. Unless their announcement was one player per season, which is what seems like we are going to get, in that case, fans would be equally upset and disappointed.

Why Can't I Create a Custom Tournament?

The fact that there was no option to play an online match against your friends when the game was released is mindblowing, especially when it's 2K we are talking about. This is the same company that does NBA 2K, which has a plethora of online modes where you can play with or against your friends.

But they listened to the community and added that even if it should have been in the game since launch. However, I still can't create a custom tournament. Just choose a player, a venue, the format of the matches, the trophy, and play.

This might not seem like a huge issue to most players, but it's something you should have in the game from the get-go, as most sports games have that option.

Imagine having the option to create a tournament with eight or 12 players, then invite your friends to it and just have an online tournament with them. It's fun, competitive, and much more immersive than most modes in the game.

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Something is Missing in MyCAREER

My first impression of MyCAREER was very positive, but the more I played the mode the more I felt disappointed and bored.

You face the same handful of players in the tournaments, which gets boring very quickly. The training modes also get boring quickly, but the biggest problem in MyCAREER is the lack of immersion.

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Every month, you have the same three options: training, special events, and tournaments. Compare it with the NBA 2K24 MyCAREER mode, which offers players a plethora of different things to do, making the game mode more fun and immersive, and you can see the TopSpin 2K25 MyCAREER mode is too basic.

This is very surprising because both games are from the same publisher, so you would expect TopSpin 2K25 to have a more entertaining, realistic, and enjoyable MyCAREER mode.

We Need Changes Urgently!

It feels like TopSpin 2K25 isn't capable of hooking players, at least not for a long period. The community feels that urgent changes are needed, and unfortunately, many players have already given up on the game.

Be it the incredibly small roster, the lackluster MyCAREER mode, the lack of game modes, or all the problems with the online modes, the TopSpin 2K25 is disappointed with the game.

A content plan in which 2K reveals what they have in store for the game in the near future would be a great step in turning the community's sentiment around. Adding highly requested features or game modes is also something the community will undoubtedly enjoy.

Above all, listening to the community feedback and adding new players are crucial to keeping TopSpin 2K25 alive.

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