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05 Dec 2019

RealTech: Glorious' Model O gaming mouse is still one of the best around

RealTech: Glorious' Model O gaming mouse is still one of the
best around

One of the lightest gaming mice in the world, and it is still widely regarded as one of the best.

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Only 67 grams?!

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RGB & scroll wheel

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Many gamers will be in the market for a nice gaming mouse this festive season.

Choosing the right mouse is one of the hardest decisions to make - there are endless amounts of options out there so can be hard to pinpoint the exact mouse you need.

Once known for their larger then life mousepads, Glorious Gaming has expanded into nearly every market over the last year.

Their flagship entry into the gaming mice department was the Model O.

The once 'former lightest mouse' in the world is still regarded as one of the best, and at a reasonable price of $49.99, this mouse may be the best bang for your buck.

Only 67 grams?!

The main selling point and excitement around the Model O was the fact that it was the lightest RGB mouse ever made.

At an incredible 67 grams for the matte version, it was a major break from the performance of regular RGB gaming mice.

If you are looking for a mouse specifically for FPS titles, having a lightweight mouse that you can easily manoeuvre is vital.

Though some mice are even lighter in weight, such as Glorious' sister product, the Model O-, it is still one of the lightest and most reliable on the market.


Another one of the selling points behind the Model O was the inclusion of G-Skates on the underside of the mouse.

For those who are unaware, a lot of gamers have been buying attachable feet for their mice, so that they could glide across their mousepads faster.

The already attached G-Skates on the Model O allow for uninterrupted movement across your mousepad.

Combine this with the weightlessness of the mouse and you will be shocked by how effortlessly the mouse moves.

RGB & scroll wheel

The RGB on this mouse is fantastic.

The only negative note we can draw upon is the iffy scroll wheel.

With RGB coating the mouse, and the material used for the scroll wheel being weak, it will inevitably face some problems as it ages.

It is no Logitech G502 scroll wheel, but it is a feature that draws back the standard of the product, as a whole.


The Model O is, without a doubt, one of the best gaming mice of the year.

From it's lightweight design to it's colourful RGB, it packs a punch for such a low price.

It is a superb, lightweight, and yet very affordable mouse, so the Model O should be at the top of your list this Christmas.

  • Design: 9/10
  • Features: 9/10