Rocket League Season 5: Out Now! New Arena, Cars, Cosmetics & More

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Rocket League Season 5 is finally here are we head to the Starbase Arc! A wealth of brand new content from arenas to cars and cosmetics are now available in-game.

Latest - Rocket League Season 5 is out now!

Rocket League season 5 has arrived and you can jump into the brand new content right now!

When does Season 5 come out?

Rocket League's next major update is due to come out on November 17th and there's a lot to look forwards to.

A variant of Starbase Arc - Starbase Arc (Aftermath) - is being introduced alongside a new car - the Nexus. You can check out the first look at both of them in the trailer below:


At the moment, all we know is that the update itself will be available from the following times in preparation for the start of Season 5.

  • 16:00 November 16th PST
  • 19:00 November 16th EST
  • 00:00 November 17th GMT

Heatseeker Ricochet is also being introduced on November 16th as an interesting take on a classic Rocket League LTM. Battle it out with traditional Heatseeker gameplay on three Rocket Labs Arenas: Barricade, Colossus, and Hourglass.

How Much Does the Rocket Pass cost?

If you're interested in earning additional content each season, you can purchase the premium Rocket Pass. There are two options available in each season of Rocket League

  • Rocket Pass Premium - 1000 Credits (£/$10) - Access to over 70 tiers of unique content.
  • Rocket Pass Bundle - 2000 (£/$20) - All perks of premium plus a brand new car, the Outlaw, and 12 tiers automatically unlocked.

Unlike in other games with a pass system, you cannot earn enough in-game currency to purchase the next seasons' pass. It's only possible to earn 600 credits in each Rocket Pass.

In games like Fortnite and Warzone, you can unlock enough current by completing the battle pass to unlock the next seasons for free. Games like Rocket League and even Magic: The Gathering Arena have chosen to buck this trend, however.