19 May 2021 1:58 PM +00:00

Rocket League 1.97 Update dropping tomorrow

Rocket League is a game that has been constantly evolving for years. Ever since its release way back in 2015, we've received updates, new cars and tonnes of new features.

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With update 1.96 just weeks behind us, it's time for another update. Unfortunately, we don't have it just yet but we do have some information on it. Here's what we know.

Release Date

Update 1.97 is due to go live on May 19. This means we're only one day away from its release.


It should hopefully go live around the world at 4 pm PDT or 11 pm UTC. This means that players in BST won't get it until midnight on May 20.

Patch Notes


Unfortunately, many players had small issues like version mismatch errors on the release of the last patch. This is a fairly common occurrence with an easy fix. Outside of this, 1.97 will likely function as a bug fix update alongside some new information for future updates.

If they have anything big planned for the future, this is where they will start to put down the groundwork.

We'll add the full patch notes in here once they're released.

What Did They Fix Last Time?


You can check out the full patch list here but here are a couple of things fixed in the 1.96 update.

It fixed a bug that caused players to join the wrong private match, a funny, if annoying, bug that's mostly harmless. It also fixed a bug that made the "Add Players" pop-up appear too much. Once again, this is a relatively harmless bug.

This does seem to be the trend for current fixes. Most of the updates are fairly minor, focusing on small details and preparing the game for big updates in the future. 1.96's patch notes hinted at Nascar vehicles and we did receive them, meaning we could get new information on 1.97 too.