What We Want To See Next From Rocket League

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Ever since its release way back in 2015, Rocket League has seen a multitude of meaningful updates (and a handful of less meaningful ones).

That being said, as any comment section can attest, there are still tons of ways Rocket League could improve in the future. Here are just a few of them.

Better Trade Systems

Shortly after Epic Games purchased Psyonix, a very distinct change was made to the in-game economy. Keys were replaced by credits and crates were swapped out for a more concrete purchase system.

This left most items with a more distinctive price, leaving your credits feeling more secure. Unfortunately, not many changes have been made in regard to trading.

Every handful of games of casual, you’ll run into someone not really playing, just hoping he can trade his Streamlined for your shiny set of White Zombas. Alas, he has no such luck.

What could help streamline this process is an in-game auction house or some mode to discover people looking to trade.

This would keep those players out of casual and, alongside Season 3’s changes to trading, would leave people a little less open to scamming. They could limit trades to certain exp levels, like they do now, to further streamline this process.

Rocket League
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Customizable Chat Options

Although it may be annoying to hear “What a save!” seconds after missing that easy clear, the utility of in-game chat is priceless.

You get all the ease of talking to someone without having to hear that one tilted player screaming down his mic while his buddy plays music. This being said, the chat function could do with a small update.

Having a programmable quick chat to plug your own sentences into or even making your own through in-game choices, like that of Dark Souls communication, would add a lot to the overall experience.

If you happen to play on a controller, this is something you’ve likely wanted for a long time. Go on Psyonix, “Take the shot!”

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More Diverse Custom Games

Although playing against traders and tilted players comes with its own charm, sometimes you just want to practice. There are two distinct things Psyonix could do to help with this.

Being able to invite friends to your training could seriously help with pass plays, tactical pinches, and all sorts of other techniques.

The Rocket League community are great at finding new shots, so I can only imagine what else they’d come up with if this process was easier to do. Although you can make an approximation of this with custom maps, it’s a much longer process and generally not available to console players.

Multiplayer Freeplay could be a nice addition to this, allowing teams or friends to mess around in a custom arena at whim. You can also approximate this with a custom game and a few limiters, but this comes with its own caveats.


You have to turn off goal celebrations or you have to sit through the reset or the ball will never reset. Being able to manually do this with a team could make certain types of plays much easier. It could also leave room for some friendly penalties.

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More Varied Bots

Moving from here, harder bots would not only help you improve when your internet is down but could make the overall experience more fun. With lots of limiters and champ level bots, beating down your AI opposition would finally be fun again.

Ultimately, this is what Rocket League’s updates have worked towards. From the more experimental modes to constantly evolving items and passes, fun lies at the center of why we play (though sitting at Diamond at 100s of hours has certainly tried to take that away from me).

While we'd like to see other new features come to the game, adding these would be a great start.

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