How to resell sneakers: Our guide to exchanging your shoes

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Knowing how to resell sneakers is an important skill to have as a shoe collector because, when your closet starts to overflow, it might be time to flip or exchange some of your inventory.

Fortunately, there are now a ton of different ways to sell your sneakers, especially with the growth of online marketplaces like StockX and GOAT which are not only some of the best places to buy sneakers, but also pretty handy places to sell shoes as well.

However, third-party sellers come with limitations such as additional fees and less control. Therefore, we've put together a guide to help you understand some of the finer details regarding selling your trainers.

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Whether you're looking to sell your best Air Force 1s to a store like Flight Club, for example, or you'd rather offload your sneakers independently, then we've got everything you need to start selling right here.


How To Resell Sneakers - Marketplace Apps

A marketplace website or app might be the easiest way to sell your shoes as it removes some of the hassles from your end, while also ensuring the buyer that their purchases are genuine through authentification processes.

As mentioned, one of the most popular marketplace apps is StockX which can make buying and selling your sneakers, including some of the best basketball shoes, Yeezys, and Air Jordans, incredibly quick and simple.

StockX website image from the selling page explaining how you go about selling your items through the website.
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Credit: StockX

With StockX, you simply list your shoes at a price you decide, then potential buyers can either choose to accept or make their own bid. Once a deal is agreed upon, you'll be sent a shipping label to send off your sneakers and then your end of the deal is done.

As you're getting a little extra help here, you will incur a 9.5% seller fee at the start; however, this drops to 9% after 3 sales, 8.5% after 30 sales or $10,000 in earnings, and just 8% after 100 sales or $25,000 worth of transactions.

StockX isn't the only marketplace website you can sell through though as GOAT offers you a similar selling experience. The difference though is you have to apply to become an authorised seller first, but selling fees are then fixed at $5 in the U.S and $12 in the UK thereafter.

GOAT website homepage featuring the PSG x GOAT collaboration.
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Credit: GOAT

How To Resell Sneakers - In-Person Stores

You can also drop your sneakers off (or ship them) to stores like Stadium Goods or Flight Club, two of the best places to buy Jordans around. These stores will then put your shoes up for sale in-store and, in Flight Clubs' case, online.

Flight Club New York store image of the shops sneaker wall.
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Credit: NYCgo

This method will see you work with the staff to set an agreed price for your sneakers, using the sale's history to inform the decision. Then, once you're sneakers have sold, you can either pick up a cheque or have the money deposited to you.

Once again though, there are fees involved. Flight Club, for instance, takes 9.5% of each sale, a $5 seller fee, and a 2.9% cash-out fee. By contrast, Stadium Goods has an 80/20 split when it comes to sales.

Round Two offers a similar experience except you get paid upon the delivery of your sneakers. One caveat with this approach is that you'll need to know how much your sneakers are worth in order to negotiate a good price.

Round Two New York store image.
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Credit: The New York Times

If you're from the UK, check out KershKicks which offers a similar selling process to Round Two in that they cash out immediately.


How To Resell Sneakers - Independently

If you're looking to minimise or completely cut out sellers' fees, then you can always resell your shoes independently. The issue with this approach is that it can be time-consuming, plus your sneakers won't be seen by as many people as they would on a well-renowned marketplace app or in a sneaker store.

That means you'll have to promote your own listing, which can be tricky if you have little to no reviews on sites like eBay or Depop as buyers may be slightly cautious about purchasing from you, especially as they won't know for certain what they're getting is legit.

eBay website image of the homepage.
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Credit: eBay

This can also mean you won't be able to command as high a price as dedicated sneaker stores can due to a lack of authenticity. This is particularly important to take this into account when trying to decide whether the lower seller fees are worth it.

That said, you are in complete control with this approach, particularly if you're selling through social media, which means you can alter the listing and even take the sneakers down from being on sale if you're not 100% sure you're ready to sell.

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