Best VR Fitness Games 2022: Top Picks For Virtual Workouts

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When searching for the best VR fitness games, it can be a little tricky at times to figure out whether exercising in virtual reality will be challenging enough for you to complete a killer workout.

However, technology has evolved drastically since the inception of 'exergaming' in the 80s, and VR, in particular, is opening the door to a whole new range of training possibilities.

With that being said, we've selected our top picks to help you find the perfect fitness game to kick off your virtual workouts.


Whether you're searching for something dance-based, like Synth Riders, or you're looking for something to play with your friends, like Beat Saber, we've got everything you need right here including a few upcoming VR games to mark in your diary.

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Best VR Fitness Games


Best All-Round VR Fitness Game - Viro Move

Best VR fitness games Fit Reality product image of the orange and blue Viro Move logo with a woman providing the demonstration.
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Credit: Fit Reality
Publisher: Fit Reality | Platforms: HTC Vive, Vive Pro, Meta Quest

Viro Move is an innovative fitness VR game designed to combine real-life workouts with the fun of virtual reality gameplay.


There are 3 main game modes: Challenges, Career, and Playlists, with the Career mode featuring 4 different level types including Boxing, Swords, Shooting, and Weapons Master.

As you work your way through 30 levels for each game, your caloric output is calculated, thus providing some indication as to how hard you're working and how intense each of the exercises are.

Viro Move also promotes friendly competition with online leaderboards, making it a great game to consider for keeping you motivated whilst working out.

Best Multiplayer VR Fitness Game - Beat Saber

Best VR fitness games Beat Games product image of the neon-style Beat Saber logo.
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Credit: Beat Games
Publisher: Beat Games | Platforms: Meta Quest, PlayStation VR

We've previously featured Beat Saber in our list of the best fitness video games, so it may come as no surprise we're including it again here.


This highly popular VR game combines the precise timing of Guitar Hero with the movement of a Just Dance title as you swing what can only be described as lightsaber-like swords to destroy oncoming blocks.

You can up the difficulty on Beat Saber to deliver a more challenging workout, however, the game includes a no-fail mode, song slowing option, and a practice mode to help you improve and work your way up to a higher level.

Ultimately, Beat Saber will likely be an exciting and rewarding game to help you exercise, particularly your upper body.

Best Dance VR Fitness Game - Synth Riders

Best VR fitness games Kluge Interactive product image of the Synth Riders retro chrome logo.
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Credit: Kluge Interactive
Publisher: Kluge Interactive | Platforms: Meta Quest, Steam VR, PlayStation VR

Synth Riders is a dance-action rhythm game that has you destroying blocks and holding notes as you move your body along to the beat of 56 free songs of various genres.


There is also the option of 30 DLC tracks which include the likes of Muse and Caravan Palace which should help keep each session varied.

You'll also be tasked with ducking and dodging to avoid oncoming obstacles that will ruin your score, and it's worth noting Synth Riders keeps track of your calories burned via the in-game fitness tracker.

All-in-all, if you're looking for a dance-based VR game, then we'd recommend giving Synth Riders a try.

Best Full-Body VR Fitness Game - Supernatural

Best VR fitness games Within product image of the Supernatural logo overlaying visuals of the game.
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Credit: Within
Publisher: Within | Platforms: Meta Quest

Supernatural is another dedicated fitness VR game designed to deliver a comprehensive full-body workout.


As well as the usual boxing and sword-based movements of VR, you also get a recovery mode to help you cool down and stretch, plus a guided and non-guided meditation feature to help you relax and remove yourself from distractions.

Moreover, Supernatural includes live in-action coaches that meet you face-to-face in virtual reality to give you tips and to motivate you to push your workouts to the next level.

On the whole, we feel this fitness VR game is a near-complete package when it comes to delivering an intense full-body workout.

Best Boxing VR Fitness Game - BoxVR

Best VR fitness games FitXR product image of the white BoxVR logo.
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Credit: FitXR
Publisher: FitXR | Platforms: Meta Quest, Steam, PlayStation VR

It's no secret boxing is a great form of high-intensity cardio, so why not combine this with gaming?


Made by one of the biggest names in the VR fitness space, FitXR, BoxVR appears to be one of the best at merging the two as it brings music-enhanced, boxing-based workouts into the comfort of your own home.

Within the game, you get a number of workout classes led by virtual fitness instructors, helping you keep each session varied and challenging whilst motivating you to keep working.

Also, each session is recorded so you can keep track of how many calories you've burnt and your progress, thus making BoxVR a great choice for regular cardio-based workouts.

Upcoming VR Fitness Games

Les Mills Bodycombat

Upcoming VR fitness games Les Mills in app image of the Bodycombat menu.
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Credit: Les Mills

The Les Mills Bodycombat app recently showed up on the Meta Quest store with a 'coming soon' tag, leaving many fans speculating when we might see a release.


The regular Bodycombat app is said to deliver high-energy, martial arts-inspired workouts, and this new VR version will likely adapt the sessions into a virtual reality format.

As previously mentioned, the release date is unknown but we'll keep you updated with any further announcements as and when they arrive.

Frequently Asked Questions About VR Fitness Games

With a large number of fitness VR games on the market, you may have a few questions about them but don't worry because we're here to clear up some of the most common queries.

Are VR Games Good Exercise?

VR games can be a great way of keeping active whilst fulfilling your passion for gaming because, as seen with a number of games on this list, you often need to move your entire body to achieve high scores or to complete levels.

Also, you can normally up the intensity and speed of your workouts by increasing the difficulty which should, in turn, help you burn more calories as every movement you do will have to be done a little quicker.

Ultimately, we feel VR games are a particularly good way of completing a cardio-based workout, however, if you're looking to build muscle, lifting weights may be a more beneficial alternative.


How Often Should You Play A VR Fitness Game?

This will vary depending on the person, but, like with all forms of exercise, getting 3-5 workouts in per week is a good number to aim for as you're more likely to see improvements and continue to progress this way.

3-5 workouts will allow for an adequate number of rest days as well to help you recover and avoid fatigue.

We'd recommend varying each workout during the week though.

For example, you may find weightlifting 3 times a week beneficial for building muscle, but then you might want to complete a few cardio sessions on BoxVR the remaining 2 sessions in the week - it's really up to you.

What Do You Need To Play VR Fitness Games?

It almost goes without saying that to play VR games, you'll need some sort of virtual reality equipment, most notably a VR headset.


Some of the key VR headset manufacturers include Meta Quest, formerly known as Oculus, HTC, and PlayStation.

You'll also likely need a pretty decent PC in order to run the VR software and games, although, if you own a PSVR device, then you can simply use your PlayStation console.

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