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Best Running Jacket 2021: Top Coats For The Rain, Wind, And More

The best running jacket should keep you warm and dry whilst exercising, but it can be challenging figuring out exactly how much you need to spend to pick up a quality coat that will last.

Thankfully, we're here to lend a helping hand with our list, based on features, price, and reviews, of, what we think, are some of the best running coats available.

From lightweight jackets, like this ASICS Lite-Show, to coats built for cold weather, like this Arc´teryx Atom Lt, we've got everything you need right here.

Best Running Jacket

Best Lightweight Running Jacket - ASICS Lite-Show Running Jacket

Best running jacket ASICS product image of a neon yellow jacket with black zip.
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Image Credit: ASICS

Brand: ASICS | Water Resistant: Yes | Waterproof: Unspecified | Wind Resistant: Yes

ASICS are one of the top manufacturers of running gear around with its Lite-Show Running Jacket being a great example of its expertise.

Made out of a lightweight, water-resistant, and unrestricted fabric, the Lite-Show should be ideal for keeping you dry during the winter months, without slowing you down.

Moreover, the jacket comes with 360 Degree Lite-Show Reflectivity technology which is designed to provide all-round visibility, so it's suitable for wearing in the evening, especially in winter when it gets dark earlier.

All in all, with the addition of two pockets to keep your belongings safe, the Lite-Show should make for a great versatile and lightweight running jacket to throw on when the weather starts to turn.

Best Waterproof Running Jacket - GORE WEAR R3 Active Hooded Jacket

Best running jacket GORE WEAR product image of a blue and black jacket with a hood
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Image Credit: GORE WEAR

Brand: GORE WEAR | Water Resistant: Yes | Waterproof: Yes | Wind Resistant: Yes

In terms of the best jackets for tackling rain, they shouldn't come much better than the GORE WEAR R3 Active Hooded Jacket.

It utilises GORE-TEX Active technology which is engineered to be both waterproof and windproof as well as extremely breathable, making it a great option for the harsh rains of winter.

Moreover, the R3 comes with reflective details meaning it will likely suit anyone, particularly road runners, who prefer to run in the evenings or at night.

The R3 also comes with a handy hood to keep, not just your body, but your head warm and dry as well which means it, therefore, deserves a place on our list.

Best Wind Resistant Running Jacket - Under Armour Qualifier Outrun The Storm Jacket

Best running jacket Under Armour product image of a bright blue jacket with darker blue details
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Image Credit: Under Armour

Brand: Under Armour | Water Resistant: Yes | Waterproof: Unspecified | Wind Resistant: Yes

You may be familiar with Under Armour and making some of the best football cleats around, but the American sportswear company also create a huge variety of fitness gear including this Outrun The Storm Jacket.

First and foremost, this jacket is wind resistant which should help keep you warm whilst running as you'll be protected against bitterly cold winds, especially in January if you're in the UK.

Some other handy features include Under Armour's Storm technology, designed to repel water without sacrificing breathability, and a four-way stretch construction to help you move with ease in every direction, thus improving mobility.

Ultimately, if you're looking for a jacket to help protect you against harsh winds, then Under Armour's Outrun The Storm Jacket might just be for you.

Best Cold Weather Running Jacket- Arc´teryx Atom Lt Hoody Jacket

Best running jacket Arc´teryx product image of a dark 'kingfisher' coloured jacket
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Image Credit: Arc´teryx

Brand: Arc´teryx | Water Resistant: Yes (outer layer) | Waterproof: Unspecified | Wind Resistant: Unspecified

Based in Vancouver, Canada, Arc´teryx is a company that specialises in outdoor gear designed to keep you warm like this Atom Lt Jacket.

Arc´teryx boasts the Atom Lt works as both a mid-layer or a standalone jacket thanks to its highly insulated design to help keep you as warm as possible, even when damp.

Moreover, this jacket comes with ruffled forearms for added mobility and comfort which is key when running as you want to avoid being restricted by your clothing as much as possible.

This jacket is certainly one of the more premium running coats out there but, if you're based somewhere where it snows for example, then the Atom Lt should help to keep you toasty whilst you exercise.

Best Breathable Running Jacket - Under Armour M Launch 3.0 Storm Jacket

Best running jacket Under Armour product image of a pitch grey, reflective jacket
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Image Credit: Under Armour

Brand: Under Armour | Water Resistant: Yes | Waterproof: Unspecified | Wind Resistant: Unspecified

Back to Under Armour now and its Launch 3.0 Storm Jacket, designed to be lightweight and highly breathable to run in.

One of the key features included in this jacket is its back vent which Under Armour have included to enhance breathability as much as possible and, therefore, reduce the chance of overheating whilst running in the coat.

Made out of 87% Polyester and 13% Elastane, the Launch 3.0 should be extremely flexible and unrestrictive as well which is ideal for both long-distance jogs or fast-paced sprinting.

If a lightweight, ventilated running coat is what you're after this winter, then the Launch 3.0 Storm Jacket from Under Armour might be your answer.

Frequently Asked Questions About Running Jackets

With so many different kinds of running jackets available, you probably have a number of questions about them, but we're here to clear up some of the most common queries.

Are Running Jackets Worth It?

Running coats can vary massively in price, with the more expensive ones normally coming with the latest and best technology to help keep you warm and dry as you workout.

In terms of whether they're worth it, the answer really depends on whether you're a keen runner, even when the weather starts to turn, and your budget.

If you do find yourself running in winter, then you'll definitely need something to keep you protected against the rain and wind so maybe keep an eye out for a jacket within your budget that is both water and wind-resistant.

What to Look For In A Running Jacket?

When heading into the colder months, you'll need something to protect you against the conditions and should therefore lookout for the following features.

Firstly, as previously mentioned, keep an eye on whether the jacket is water and wind-resistant as these features will be key when the weather starts to drastically turn.

You may also want to pay attention to whether the coat is insulated as either down or synthetic fabric insulation can help to keep you warm as the temperature drops.

Moreover, if you prefer running in the evening then you'll need a jacket that is highly visible and ideally reflective so you stay safe in low light conditions.

What Is The Difference Between Waterproof And Water Resistant?

The key difference between the two terms arises from the fabric.

Water-resistant material is typically tightly woven polyester or nylon which means the water struggles to penetrate it, however, this can only withstand so much rain.

On the other hand, waterproof material is designed to provide a complete barrier, like a plastic bag, between the rain and your body and is, therefore, better in torrential rain.

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