Best Nitric Oxide Supplement 2023

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Image of a black container featuring red and blue branding with white capsules sat next to it.

The best nitric oxide supplement can give your training the added boost it needs to help you hit personal bests in the gym. However, finding the right supplement for your diet isn't always easy.

Interestingly, nitric oxide supplements don't actually contain nitric oxide. Instead, they typically carry ingredients or substrates designed to promote nitric oxide production, some of which can be found in the best multivitamins as well at times.

L-arginine and L-citrulline are two of the most common ingredients as they're associated with the widening of your veins and arteries to help improve blood flow, one of the main roles of nitric oxide in your body. As a result, it's not uncommon to find L-arginine and L-citrulline in some of the best pre-workouts as well to help deliver more oxygen to your muscles.

That said, it's not entirely clear whether nitric oxide supplements actually increase your body's nitric oxide production or your training performance, although some studies have linked it to improving endurance and relieving muscle soreness.

So, if you're still willing to give nitric oxide a chance, then our list has you covered. We've scoured the web to select these products based on price, their specific ingredients, customer reviews, and any other features that we think make them worth considering.

From nitric oxide booster capsules, like these from Nutricost, to powdered alternatives, like Snap Supplements Nitric Oxide Booster, we've got everything you need to kick off your search right here. With that in mind, let's get into our list...

Best nitric oxide supplement

  1. Nutricost Nitric Oxide Booster
  2. Snap Supplements Nitric Oxide Booster
  3. Huge Nutrition Magnify
  4. Horbäach Nitric Oxide Max
  5. SILVERONYX Nitric Oxide Blast
Nutricost Nitric Oxide Booster product image of a white container with blue and black branding.
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Credit: Nutricost

1. Nutricost Nitric Oxide Booster

Best nitric oxide supplement capsules

Capsules: 180
Amount: 2250mg in total

Nutricost is known for its outstanding range of dietary supplements, catering to various nutritional needs. Among its impressive lineup, the Nitric Oxide Booster supplement stands out for this article.

Each serving of three capsules provides an impressive 2250mg of booster ingredients, including renowned compounds like L-arginine and L-citrulline. Also, the container holds 180 capsules, ensuring you have an abundant supply to support your workout routine and explore the benefits of nitric oxide supplements.

Another notable aspect is that the supplement is free from soy and gluten, making it suitable for individuals with specific dietary requirements. Furthermore, it contains no GMO ingredients, offering a supplement option that aligns with an even wider range of dietary preferences.

Considering all these factors, this Nutricost supplement is an excellent choice if you are seeking to incorporate nitric oxide into your diet.

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Snap Supplements Nitric Oxide Booster product image of a white container with purple and black branding with a graphic of a cut open beet on the label.
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Credit: Snap Supplements

2. Snap Supplements Nitric Oxide Booster

Best powdered nitric oxide supplement

Net Weight: 250g
Amount: 6853mg in total

Nitric oxide supplements are commonly available in capsule form, but Snap Supplements offers an impressive alternative with their Nitric Oxide Booster in powdered form.

This supplement utilises a Nitric Oxide Complex, incorporating various ingredients that promote nitric oxide production, totalling 6853mg. The blend includes organic beetroot powder, pomegranate juice powder, OxyStorm red spinach extract, and BioPerine black pepper extract.

Additionally, the inclusion of beetroot and pomegranate provides a hint of vitamins C, B3, and B12. Notably, vitamin B12, as highlighted in our list of the best vitamin B12 supplements, plays a vital role in the formation of red blood cells and DNA.

Consequently, this particular booster offers more potential benefits beyond increasing nitric oxide production, making it a worthwhile consideration.

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Huge Nutrition Magnify product image of a clear container with purple and orange branding.
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Credit: Huge Nutrition

3. Huge Nutrition Magnify

Best nitric oxide supplement for training

Capsules: 180
Amount: 1500mg in total

Huge Nutrition's Magnify nitric oxide capsules are designed to improve your pump and the explosiveness of your workout with its blend of L-arginine and L-citrulline alongside beet root extract, BioPerine black pepper extract, and S7.

S7 is a blend of seven different plant-based ingredients designed to increase your nitric oxide production. Included in the ingredients are blueberry, broccoli, and kale to further increase your vitamin and mineral intake.

Huge Nutrition recommends six capsules per serving, giving you a 30-day supply if you want to test them out. However, you can take fewer capsules if you want to consume a lower dose and supplement your diet with nitric oxide boosters through whole foods as well.

On the whole, Huge Nutrition's Magnify nitric oxide capsules look to be a particularly good pick if you're looking to trial the supplement as part of your training diet.

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Horbäach Nitric Oxide Max product image of a brown container with silver and red branding.
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Credit: Horbäach

4. Horbäach Nitric Oxide Max

Best extra strong nitric oxide supplement

Capsules: 120
Amount: 3000mg in total

If you're looking to give yourself a serious uplift in L-arginine and L-citrulline though, then Horbäach's Nitric Oxide Max capsules could be the supplement for you.

You get 2000mg of L-citrulline and 1000mg of L-arginine per four capsules; however, added on is 100mg of something Horbäach titles an Antioxidant Powder Blend.

This blend contains a ton of fruit and vegetable extracts, including beetroot, to help maximise your nitric oxide production.

One of the most interesting ingredients though is organic banana which, according to research by Alabi et al., promotes healthy digestion and serves as a good source of potassium, calcium, phosphorus, and nitrogen. Therefore, if you're looking for more than just nitric oxide, then this could be the supplement for you.

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SILVERONYX Nitric Oxide Blast product image of a black container with red and blue branding and an abstract graphic of someone running.
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5. SILVERONYX Nitric Oxide Blast

Best non-GMO nitric oxide supplement

Capsules: 120
Amount: 1300mg in total

SILVERONYX's Nitric Oxide Blast takes things back to basics by predominately carrying L-arginine and L-citrulline without any GMO ingredients.

You do, however, get 80mg of beta-alanine as well which, according to the International Society of Sports Nutrition, has been shown to improve exercise performance and is, therefore, a common ingredient in fitness supplements.

You also get 36mg of calcium and 15mg of niacin, also known as vitamin B3. Niacin is mainly related to obtaining energy from the food you eat. Therefore, its inclusion might help your body utilise the L-arginine and L-citrulline more effectively to increase its nitric oxide production.

With 90 servings per container, we'd argue this particular nitric oxide supplement provides great value for money too, making it definitely one to check out if you're interested in giving nitric oxide capsules a go.

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Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

Getting your head around dietary supplements can be quite tricky at times. When it comes to nitric oxide though, we've answered some of the most commonly asked questions below to help you out...

What do nitric oxide supplements do?

Nitric oxide is a gas produced by the body that plays a vital role in regulating vascular tone, health, and overall blood flow.

One of the reasons why nitric oxide supplements have become popular is that they're associated with improving blood flow to your muscles whilst training and reducing the time it takes to fatigue according to Natalie Rizzo, M.S., R.D.

A systematic review by Hoon et al. supports this as their analysis found nitrate supplementation was linked to moderate improvements in constant load time to exhaustion exercises.

Moreover, nitric oxide has been connected to reducing muscle soreness. One study of particular note by Pérez-Guisado and Jakeman supports this as they found participants who took citrulline malate experienced 40% less muscle soreness at 24 and 48 hours intervals after performing a flat barbell bench press.

Away from the gym though, nitric oxide is also associated with lowering blood pressure, with research by Kapil et al. finding dietary nitrate effective in the management of patients with hypertension.

Can nitric oxide supplements be used as pre-workout?

As mentioned, L-arginine and L-citrulline, two ingredients often found in nitric oxide supplements, can also be found in pre-workout. In fact, Snap Supplements boasts its Nitric Oxide Booster is often used as a pre-workout replacement due to its links with reducing fatigue and increasing blood flow.


One of the major benefits of using nitric oxide supplements over pre-workouts is that they tend to contain no caffeine, so you should avoid some of the commonly found side effects such as restlessness, dizziness, and anxiety.

Therefore, we believe nitric oxide supplements can be used as an effective alternative to pre-workouts.

Which foods contain nitric oxide?

One of the most commonly consumed foods to boost nitric oxide levels is beetroot, hence you'll tend to find it as an ingredient in many nitric oxide supplements.

Leafy greens such as kale and cabbage are also said to be packed with nitrates. One evaluative study by Milkowski et al. supports this as it found green leafy vegetables may actually maintain blood and tissue levels of nitrite and nitric oxide pools.

Citrus fruits are another option to boost your nitric oxide levels as they tend to contain high levels of vitamin C which, in turn, should enhance your levels of nitric oxide by increasing its bioavailability and maximising its absorption.

Finally, meat, specifically fatty fish and organ and muscle meats, may help preserve your nitric oxide levels due to their higher concentration of a coenzyme known as CoQ10. In fact, this is one of the key potential benefits of adding beef liver to your diet.

How long do nitric oxide supplements last?

How long nitric oxide supplements last will vary depending on the specific product. Typically, these supplements provide maximum effectiveness for a period between one hour and 90 minutes.

However, it is important to note that even after the peak effectiveness period, the nitric oxide supplements will still be present in your bloodstream and gradually lose their potency until they are fully metabolised.

If you're planning to take nitric oxide supplements before a workout to achieve maximum benefits, it is recommended to take them approximately one hour before exercising.

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