Best Massage Gun 2021: Top Picks For Athletes, Travelling, And More

There's a lot to consider when searching for the best massage gun, especially as there is a large variation in price, making it hard to work out how much you need to spend to get a high-quality device.

Thankfully, we've done some of the research for you to create this list based on features, price, and review, highlighting some of the key differences that, we think, make these guns ideal for recovery.

Whether you're after a well-rounded device, like this Theragun Pro, or something slightly cheaper, like this Sportneer Massage Gun, we've got you covered right here.

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Best Massage Gun


Best All-Round Massage Gun - Theragun Pro

Best massage gun Theragun product image of a black gun with a triangular handle and adjustable ends.
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Image Credit: Theragun

Brand: Theragun | Power Source: Battery | Heads: 6

Theragun is one of the leading manufacturers of percussive therapy devices around, and the Theragun Pro is one of its most advanced models to help take your recovery a step further than just taking supplements such as your top BCAAs or the best creatine.


It comes with a QX150 motor with QuietForce technology, designed to deliver powerful, professional-grade deep muscle treatment as quietly as an average massage.

Moreover, Theragun boasts its Pro has a 300-minute battery life across its 2 rechargeable lithium-ion batteries so you should get a full day's worth of massages in from just a single charge of the batteries.

It's also worth noting that the Supersoft head, one of 6 included, is also great for sensitive areas of your body so, no matter the areas, the Theragun Pro will likely help you recover.

Best Massage Gun On A Budget - Sportneer Massage Gun

Best massage gun Sportneer product image of a black gun with a case and adjustable ends.
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Image Credit: Sportneer

Brand: Sportneer | Power Source: Battery | Heads: 6

The Sportneer Massage Gun has been designed to deliver 6 speeds of percussive therapy and can reach up to 220 watts and 3,200 repetitions per minute.


In terms of attachments, it comes with 6 heads, 2 of which have metals tips and should therefore be suitable for adding oil to or for putting in the freezer for a touch of cryotherapy.

Moreover, it's worth noting that it comes with a rechargeable 3400mAh built-in lithium battery and a 10-minute auto-off function to prevent overheating and burns when you've finished your massage after a tough weights session with your best squat rack for example.

On the whole, taking the price into consideration, the Sportneer Massage Gun should definitely be one to consider if you're looking to enhance your recovery beyond supplements such as the top creatine.

Best Massage Gun For Travelling - MYO Master MyoLite

Best massage gun MYO Master product image of a small, black gun with a gold, star-like logo.
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Image Credit: MYO Master

Brand: MYO Master | Power Source: Battery | Heads: 4

This compact bit of kit has been designed to fit in a top gym bag with ease, ready to take with you on your travels.


In fact, the MYO Master MyoLite weighs under a kilogram meaning you could even tuck this tiny device away in your pocket so you're ready to iron out any soreness as and when it arrives.

Despite being so small, the MYO Master MyoLite still manages to pack 40lbs worth of stall force which should be more than enough for tackling any aches and pains you may have.

All in all, the MyoLite will likely be a handy bit of kit for gym-goers, and a good additional device for long-time users who want an on-the-go option.

Best Massage Gun For Athletes - MuscleGun Carbon

Best massage gun MuscleGun product image of a black gun with the MuscleGun logo in white on the side.
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Image Credit: MuscleGun

Brand: MuscleGun | Power Source: Battery | Heads: 4

As an athlete, you'll likely be looking for something versatile, lightweight, and powerful.


Thankfully, this MuscleGun Carbon should tick all those boxes as it comes with 4 heads, 5-speed settings, and 44lbs of force to take on even the most stubborn aches and pains.

MuscleGun boasts the Carbon has a 300-minute battery life which, like the Theragun Pro, should be ideal for a full day worth of massages from just a single charge.

On the whole, the MuscleGun Carbon could be a solid option for improving your recovery, and it even comes with a useful carry case to make it more portable as well.

Best Quiet Massage Gun - Theragun Elite

Best massage gun Theragun product image of a white gun with red details.
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Image Credit: Theragun

Brand: Theragun | Power Source: Battery | Heads: 5

In the past, massage guns have been extremely noisy, however, more recently, guns like this Theragun Elite have incorporated extremely quiet motors that still manage to deliver 40lbs of force.


One of its most notable features and accolades is that it can hit 40 times per second which is extremely fast and ideal for stubborn pains, and it comes with 5 adjustable heads depending on the intended use.

Moreover, Theragun boasts its machines include a handy OLED screen and automatic, app-controlled massage programs, designed to make them easier to use.

Ultimately, if you're looking for a quiet device that can still pack a punch, then this Theragun Elite may be the machine for you.

Frequently Asked Questions About Massage Guns

With so many different models to choose from, you probably have a few queries about massage guns, but we're here to clear up some of the most common questions.

How Do You Use A Massage Gun?

For a warm-up, a massage gun can be used to increase blood flow and circulation to prepare your muscles and nervous system ready for exercise.


To do this, it is typically recommended you run the gun up and down your muscle or muscle area for around 15-30 seconds.

Massage guns can also greatly help your recovery by reducing inflammation, soreness, and promoting muscle relaxation.

Generally speaking, for recovery, you should spend 90-120 seconds moving up and down each muscle group.

How Often Should You Use A Massage Gun?

This will largely depend on the individual and their activity levels.

For the majority of people, a massage gun can be used before, during, and after a workout for recovery, however, you should only spend a couple of minutes maximum using one if you exercise most days.

Post-workout, you can use a massage gun more to ensure you're reducing the chances of DOMs, but you should make sure you take around 1-2 hour breaks in between sessions.


What Does Percussion Mean?

Devices such as the Theragun Pro are advertised as percussion massage guns rather than vibration devices.

Vibration guns simply utilise a back-and-forth oscillation, creating miniature movements inside your muscle tissue.

A percussion device goes one step further to deliver a deeper, more intense stimulation of your muscle compared to vibration models.

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