Best Controller For FIFA 23

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Gameplay image of Haaland, Foden, and Grealish celebrating in light blue Manchester City shirts.
Credit: EA

Update: Check out our list of the best controllers for EA FC 24 to refresh your setup for the new game!

The best controller for FIFA 23 can take your gameplay to the next level. However, choosing the right one for you can be a little tricky at times given the wide variety of options to choose from.

However, with the latest installment in EA's hit football franchise being the last of an era, with future titles known as EA SPORTS FC, why settle for anything less than the best before the new game rolls around?

To choose a controller for FIFA 23, consider opting for one with additional buttons that can be customised for frequently used actions, leading to faster responses. Additionally, adjustable sticks can provide greater precision and mastery over player movements, making them a useful feature to look out for as well.

With this in mind, we've compiled a list of our top picks for Xbox, PS5, PC, and more based on their price, reviews, and any stand-out features that we believe make these gamepads worth considering to take your gameplay to the next level, whether that's online or while you're relaxing playing some offline Career Mode.

Whether you're looking for a top PS4 device, like this Nacon Revolution Unlimited Pro, or you're after something built for next-gen gameplay (although now more current-gen), like this Xbox Elite Series 2, then we've got you covered.

We've also answered some of your most frequently asked questions to help you make an informed decision on which device is right for you and your setup. So, without further delay, here's our list of the best controllers for FIFA 23...

Best controller for FIFA 23

  1. Nacon Revolution Unlimited Pro
  2. PowerA FUSION Pro 2
  3. Xbox Elite Series 2
  4. Sony DualSense Edge
  5. Logitech F310
Nacon Revolution Unlimited Pro product image of a black controller with a red light around the right thumbstick.
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Credit: Nacon

1. Nacon Revolution Unlimited Pro

Best PS4 controller for FIFA 23

Brand: Nacon | Connectivity: Bluetooth, USB | Compatibility: PC, PS4

This Nacon Revolution Pro stands out as one of the best pro controllers on the market right now thanks to its array of additional features designed to maximise your skill set.

Firstly, the controller uses Bluetooth technology, so you don't need to keep a console or PC nearby for it to work. This means you can kick back and relax whilst playing the game alone or with friends.

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Moreover, the device features removable joysticks, an ergonomic grip, and four shortcut buttons that can be assigned to some of your most-used controls in the game. This might shave valuable milliseconds off your reactions to help you outperform your opposition.

It's also worth noting that this controller has been used by the likes of Spencer "Gorilla" Ealing to win FIFA eSports tournaments in the past. So, if it's good enough for the pros, then we feel it's definitely up there as one of the best PS4 controllers around.

PowerA FUSION Pro 2 product image of a black Xbox-style controller.
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Credit: PowerA

2. PowerA FUSION Pro 2

Best Xbox controller for FIFA 23

Brand: PowerA | Connectivity: USB | Compatibility: PC, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S

For Xbox enthusiasts, the PowerA FUSION Pro 2 is an excellent choice to enhance your gaming experience, particularly in game modes like FIFA Ultimate Team.

Similar to the Nacon controller, it features four programmable buttons on the handles, allowing for more convenient and faster access to regularly used controls.

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Also, it comes with ALPS analog thumbsticks that can be easily swapped between short or tall, and they come with convex-capped sticks, catering to your personal preferences. Each stick offers varying levels of control over your in-game players on the field.

So, whether you own an Xbox Series X/S or the One, the PowerA FUSION Pro 2 is an exceptional gamepad worth considering for your gaming setup.

Xbox Elite Series 2 product image of a black Xbox controller featuring a white and light grey trackpad on the left side.
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Credit: Xbox

3. Xbox Elite Series 2

Best PC controller for FIFA 23

Brand: Xbox | Connectivity: Bluetooth, USB | Compatibility: PC, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S

The Xbox Elite Series 2 is designed to be one of the top pro controllers available, particularly on the next-gen console; however, due to the plug-in-and-play element of this device, we believe it would make for a great controller for PC FIFA gameplay.

The device comes with wrap-around rubberised grips for added comfort and stability during longer sessions, plus four panels on the rear that you can bind to controls you want to access quickly.

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Moreover, it comes with a set of six thumbsticks that can be used to replace the standard ones depending on your preference for FIFA, and a more advanced d-pad which should help you switch tactics in-game quicker.

On the whole, the Elite Series 2 is not just a great gamepad for FIFA, it's also an excellent pick for gaming in general, including other sporting titles like WWE 2K23.

Sony DualSense Edge product image of an official white and black DualSense Edge controller.
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Credit: Sony

4. Sony DualSense Edge

Best PS5 controller for FIFA 23

Brand: Sony | Connectivity: Bluetooth, USB | Compatibility: PS5, PC

The DualSense Edge is Sony's answer to the Elite Series 2 in that it is the top-of-the-range, 'pro' gamepad for the PS5. As a result, it is packed full of technology that can help you take your FIFA game to the next level.

For example, it comes with two swappable sets of back buttons designed to put all essential controls right beneath your fingertips for ease of access. This means you can assign key game mechanics like sprinting, tackling, etc. to these back buttons to make them quick and simple to perform.

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You also get interchangeable thumbsticks, ranging from convex to concave, to improve grip, precision, and comfort depending on your preference. The entire thumbstick module is also swappable to better the controller's longevity.

Finally, you get on-board user interface controls, allowing you to swap between pre-set profiles at a touch of a button as well as alter the game sound and chat balance from the device itself - plenty to like then for FIFA gameplay.

Logitech F310 product image of a retro-style grey-ish/blue controller with multicoloured buttons on the right side.
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Credit: Logitech

5. Logitech F310

Best budget controller for FIFA 23

Brand: Logitech | Connectivity: USB | Compatibility: PC

If you're someone who enjoys playing FIFA but you need an inexpensive controller for your setup, then this Logitech F310 could be your answer.

It features the familiar layout of a PlayStation controller, complete with all the necessary buttons for playing FIFA. The best part is that it comes at a significantly lower cost compared to the official PlayStation controller.

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Also, this controller is slightly smaller in size. So, if you're not a fan of the bulkier design of the Official Xbox Controller, for example, the Logitech F310 provides a more compact and comfortable option.

With its retro design and inexpensive price tag, the Logitech F310 is an excellent budget-friendly choice to meet your FIFA gaming needs.

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

With so many gamepads to choose from, we're here to clear up some of the more common queries surrounding the best controllers for FIFA 23.

What controller settings are best for FIFA?

Many of the settings will depend on your personal preference and whether you are new to the game or an experienced player.

However, if you want to emulate the settings of some of the top professional FIFA players in the world, then here are some of the key adjustments most of them make which you might want to also do.

Unless you're completely new to the game, you'll probably want to turn FIFA Trainer off as well as turn Auto-Switching to Air Balls and Loose Balls only, and Auto-Switching Move Assistance on to Low.

Timed Finishing is an interesting one as some of you may enjoy it, but the likes of Gorilla had this setting turned off in the past, so it may be worth doing the same for FIFA 23.

How much should you spend on a controller for FIFA?

Similar to buying the best gaming monitor for your setup, the decision on how much to spend on a controller depends on your budget and desired features.

If you're looking for an affordable option, there are standard layout, third-party controllers available at relatively low prices.

For guaranteed compatibility, you can choose to purchase an official controller specifically designed for your gaming console, although they do tend to be slightly pricier.

Alternatively, if you're a dedicated gamer and want additional features like shortcut buttons, you might consider investing in a pro-style controller. These controllers are usually considered premium items and are best suited for serious FIFA players.


Are all controllers compatible with FIFA on PC?

Xbox controllers should be immediately compatible with a Windows PC as Microsoft manufacture both.

PlayStation and Nintendo controllers are also compatible, but will likely require some additional software or adapters in order to play.

If you play FIFA through Steam though you can connect a PS5 DualSense controller by going to Steam > Settings > Controller > General Controller Settings and selecting PlayStation configuration when you plug in your device.

Can you use a PS5 controller with the PS4?

No, the PS5 controller is not compatible with the PS4. However, there is a workaround using the PlayStation Remote Play app. To make this method work, you will need a PC or laptop.

To use the workaround, connect your device to your PC and launch the Remote Play app on your PC when you're ready to play on your PS4. Follow the instructions within the app to connect your PC to the PS4 console, and you will be able to play.

Should you clean your controller?

Yes, you should clean your controller regularly to keep it in good condition and ensure proper functioning. Over time, dirt, grime, and oils from your hands can build up on the surface of the controller, which can affect the buttons and the joystick's responsiveness.

To clean your controller, you can use a soft, slightly damp cloth to wipe down the surface. Be sure not to use too much water or any harsh cleaning chemicals that could damage the controller's surface. You can also use compressed air to blow out any dust or debris that may have accumulated in the buttons or other crevices.

Regular cleaning of your controller can not only help it look and function better, but it can also help extend its lifespan, hence why it's so important to do it from time to time to keep your gamepad it top condition.

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