Need For Speed Heat: What did we learn from the gameplay trailer?

There is a new world to roam in NFS. What do we know after the latest gameplay dropped?

Toby Durant by Toby Durant

The announcement of a new Need For Speed has sparked hope among fans that the legendary street racing series can reclaim its place in the pantheon of motorsport games.

2019 has seen some strong releases already, with F1 2019 dominating the show and Codemasters bringing an updated and revamped GRID to the table later this year too. So Need For Speed has a lot of competition when it drops on 8 November.

With a new gameplay trailer being unveiled at Gamescom this week we got a look at just what to expect from Need For Speed Heat…

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Custom cars & avatars

Customisation is taking over motorsport games, but it has always been a big part of the Need For Speed franchise and will be making a splash again in Heat.

Not only are textures, colours, bodywork, and rims all fully customisable, but a new app “NFS Heat Studio” will be available to let you tweak your rides on the go. This is already available on Android & iOS, where you can get ahead with your custom rides that will then be pushed into the new game when it comes out.

The game will also feature the ability to create crews with your friends, where you can see what looks they are rocking. This will spur a design arms race and encourage users to tinker with their cars and truly make them their own.

You also have an avatar you can give new looks to, from shades to socks.

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Race by day, dominate by night

The gameplay trailer showed off Heat’s day-night style of life. When the sun is shining the Speedhunters Showdown races are a chance to earn some ‘bank’ around Palm City’s Miami-inspired streets. Police will be there to enforce the law, but not in an overly aggressive way.

You can keep the sun up for as long as you want. The game doesn’t appear to have a defined day-night cycle, meaning you can keep trying to earn some cash through these races until you are happy.

When you switch it to night mode though, things really ramp up.

Illicit street races are the name of the game, and performing well will increase your rep, but it will also draw the attention of a more vicious and determined arm of law enforcement.

The heat is on

Police chases have always been the main part of Need For Speed games, and if they are good the title can be untouchable when it comes to excitement and pure chaos.

The likes of Most Wanted and Underground 2 boasted the best chases around and are still considered the peak of the series.

Heat looks set to try and top those with more aggressive police that have no qualms about forcing you off the road or using heavy vehicles to simply stop you in your tracks.

The more success you have in night races the harder these rogue police will try to stop you, forcing you to get creative with your evasions and keep tuning your cars to be faster and faster.

This is the crucial element of the game. Without a compelling police chase Need For Speed is just another game. With it, it can be an all-time great that we are still talking about for years to come.

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Toby Durant