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MotoGP 20: Catalan Grand Prix Setup - guide, suspension, settings, & more

MotoGP 20 was released last month and is one of the hardest racers on the market.

If you're interested in purchasing Milestone's latest motorcycle game, you can read our review.

We've also got a beginner's guide to get you off on the right track if you're new to MotoGP 20 and motorcycle games.

If you're already ready to take on the likes of Marquez and Rossi though, we have what you need to be quick.

Setups are key to being fast in motorsport games, especially when you're finding your feet in two-wheeled racing.

The Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya is one of four races on the calendar situated in Spain. This track hosts the Catalan GP and has done so ever since the event's inception in 1996.

Here's the setup you need to master Mugello in MotoGP 20!

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The Circuit de Catalunya is one of the hardest tracks on the calendar to conserve your tyres around.

MotoGP™20 tyre setup Catalan
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GO HARD OR GO HOME: You'll need the toughest rubber available to survive Barcelona

Your tyre choice should reflect this, with the toughest compounds available to you on both the front and rear axles.

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We recommend using the hards on the front and rear wheels. You could opt for a medium on the front but this will cause you to be understeering a lot in the closing stages.



Catalunya may have a very long main straight but your suspension needs to be geared towards cornering.

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The preload value for the front has to be low, around 4. The rear has to be turned up to the max limit though, we went with 10. This will allow you to lean more, which is key at the longer corners like Turns 3 and 4.

MotoGP™20 suspension setup Catalan
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Your fork values need to be the same as your preloads, 4 on the front and 10 on the rear.


Shock absorbers should be low on rebound (2) and high on compression (9). This is because you need to avoid the kerbs around here, especially since the gravel traps are just outside of them.

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The springs need to be soft because of stability, which is more important than responsiveness. The bike has to round the corners consistently, a lick of oversteer mid-corner will cost you time.

Steering Adjustment

Your suspension is set up to be stable so the steering adjustment must be the opposite to compensate.

MotoGP™20 steering adjustment setup Catalan
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The steering head inclination and trail need to be all the way down at 0. You could have the suspension as more responsive but this would prevent the bike leaning as you need it to.

The downside of these settings though is that the bike could become unstable. Turn these values up if that's the case, even if it does make the final sector harder.

Gear Ratio

Your gear ratios need to be set pretty high for Catalunya because of the high-speed corners like Turn 3.

MotoGP™20 gear ratio setup Catalan
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Sixth gear needs to be set low despite the long start/ finish straight. Lower gears have to be set to higher speeds though, you have to keep the revs high around the longer corners.

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Brake System

This circuit only has one large braking zone (going into Turn 1). Therefore, your braking system shouldn't deviate from the defaults of 340mm and 220mm.

MotoGP™20 brake system setup Catalan
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If you go for bigger brakes, you add weight to the bike. Smaller brakes will lengthen your braking zones.


Catalunya has some decent traction zones but quite a few are while you're still rounding the corners. The traction control therefore needs to be fully turned up to 4.

The engine braking needs to be turned up to the max as well, you'll need to lose speed around long corners like Turn 3 to avoid the run-off.

MotoGP™20 ECU setup Catalan
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Anti-wheelie aid can go down to 3 or perhaps even 2, but only if your traction control is turned up fully like ours.

Power should be up to 2 for the straights and whenever you've got excess fuel in the tank. These can all be adjusted on track and during the race so feel free to alter these as your race progresses.

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