Give Me Strength Moments: Rage-filled racing moments (Sponsored)

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Racing is not exactly the most calming of hobbies. If our previous Give Me Strength moments didn’t resonate with you then this one certainly will!

Rage quitting is a common occurrence throughout gaming, but few gamers experience rage-inducing moments like virtual racers.

Jumping into an online lobby and going wheel-to-wheel is exhilarating and utterly maddening, but thanks to Trebor and their Extra Strong mints you can have the minty confidence to call out the nonsense and keep things real. The straight-talking confidence of Trebor is something we’ve all needed behind the virtual wheel at one point or another.

Here, our racing experts share their Give Me Strength moments when it comes to racing rage. From hours of preparation going down the drain in an instant to bizarre penalties and last-second heartbreak.

Got a racing rage moment of your own? Reply to our posts on Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook with a clip, image, or comment and you could win a brand new G923 steering wheel. Just be sure to include #GiveMeStrength in your post.

First lap chaos

Anything can happen at the start of a race. The field is close together and drivers are keen to make a place or three.

Pair that with the fact that turn 1 is the main overtaking place on a lot of race tracks, and you can instantly see hours of careful practice go to waste.

Whether it’s being pushed wide and spinning or simply minding your own business and getting caught up in someone else’s crash, the first lap can definitely leave you raging.

Give Me Strength Lap 1 Chaos
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At least we aren’t the only ones who need some minty freshness and a good dose of confidence in this situation.

Give Me Strength Divebombed Community
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Blue shell outta nowhere

After years of this amazing franchise, you would think racers are used to the highs and lows Mario Kart has.

But if there is one thing that is guaranteed to ruin your day it’s a last lap blue shell that costs you the win.

We’ve all been there. Two laps of hard work and precise drifts have got you in the lead. Your banana is there protecting you from red shells and your rivals are eating your dust. But someone in 10th has a present for you… There’s nothing you can do but cry for strength!

Mario Kart blue shell
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The terror of a blue shell is one of the things that connects every racer!

Mario Kart blue shells community
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How am I to blame!?

Most racing titles have some sort of penalty system that adds time to a driver in the wrong. If you punt a driver off or keep abusing track limits, the game will issue you with a time penalty.

However, it's not always foolproof.


Avoid an accident and run wide? Penalty. Get hit by someone into the back of someone else? Penalty. Didn’t even gain time from that corner cut? Don’t care. PENALTY.

Time Penalty Give Me Strength
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It’s an infuriating moment that we have all come across.

Time Penalty Community
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Let us know your Give Me Strength moments

Think we missed something? Have you felt that racing rage and needed some minty freshness? Why not pop a Trebor Extra Strong mint and find the confidence to speak up about your Give Me Strength moment!

Reply to our posts on Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook with your Give Me Strength track limits moment and you could win a brand new G923 steering wheel, courtesy of Trebor mints. Just be sure to include #GiveMeStrength in your post.

Look out for the next Give Me Strength moments episode, where things that can only happen in virtual racing are the order of the day.

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