DIRT 5: Career mode creates an immersive world for racers (Sponsored)

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The DIRT Series has long been essential for racing fans. Codemasters is looking to take it up a notch with their newest instalment.

DIRT 5’s career mode sees the traditional rags to riches story placed within a journey unlike any other racing game.

Codemasters’ boldest career mode to date

It is apparent that Codemasters wants to create a memorable career mode with its latest game. They are pulling out all the stops to give players a story-driven mode.

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WORLDWIDE: DIRT 5 has courses in every corner of the globe

Featuring big names from across the world of motorsport (and beyond), they have called upon the giants in the scene to create a career mode like no other.

That includes developing a host of interesting, dynamic characters with whom you can establish a real connection.


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Alex Janicek (aka AJ) is voiced by The Last of Us’ very own Troy Baker, and acts as your mentor through the tumultuous journey of rising to the top in the DIRT Series.

Baker isn’t the only iconic voice, as the ubiquitous Nolan North provides the voice for our antagonist Bruno Durand; a cold, calculated veteran of multiple off-road disciplines.

Along the player’s journey through DIRT 5’s career mode, certain in-game events will trigger your appearance on ‘The DIRT Podcast’, which is hosted by James Pumphrey and Nolan Sykes of Donut Media, with a plethora of exciting guests including Jamie Chadwick and SLAPTrain himself, Peter Jeakins.

This level of talent should provide a more meaningful experience to players and create a world around your rise to fame that is truly memorable.

How will this career mode play?

The career mode will feature over 130 events across nine different race types. These are then split over five chapters, with your chosen path and performances directly affecting the journey that your story will take.

This should add an element of replayability to the career mode, as long as you remember to make different choices in your second play-through!

These 130 events also take place at every location in DIRT 5, meaning you won’t have to worry about missing out on racing at a particular location on your way to the top of the food chain.

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PICK YOUR PATH: You can choose where to race in this career mode

Progression isn’t a given either, unlike in other racing games. Instead, your progress through the game is determined directly by your performance, with an in-game currency known as ‘Stamps’ being used to unlock the Main Event of each chapter, and subsequently advance through the story.

As an added extra, certain objectives will activate a ‘Throwdown’ upon completion. Giving you a competitive, gritty head-to-head race against a particular rival.

Real world brands included

DIRT 5 is also home to 20 real-world brands from which you can select your sponsor. Want to finally secure that year-long supply of Monster Energy? Then sign with them! Fancy a new Sparco-themed livery to accompany your bucket seats? By all means, there’s your new sponsor!

Not only will sponsors be real-world brands, they also come with a number of unique incentives, including a livery, stickers to use in the games livery editor feature, and a signing bonus.

This combination of real-world sponsors, key decision-making, and a world full of rounded characters creates a career mode that we can’t wait to play.

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STAY IN CONTROL: Off-roading isn't easy, one wrong move and you're in the wall

Share the game – split-screen style

DIRT 5 also features a co-op career mode.

That’s right, jump into the action with up to three of your friends without hurting your career progression.

With a simple drop-in/drop-out feature, that won’t get in the way of the wider gameplay or detract from the story of the game.

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ALL ACTION: DIRT 5 has a car for every occasion

DIRT 5 release date

DIRT 5 releases on PS4, Xbox One, and PC on 6 November. Players will get a free upgrade to next-gen once those consoles arrive. Discless consoles require a digital entitlement to upgrade.

With that upgrade comes a 120fps option, stunningly fast load times, and greater graphical fidelity than ever before.

You can buy DIRT 5 here.

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