Is UFC 4 on PS5? PS5 Price and Release Date, Backwards Compatibility, Details, and more

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UFC 4 is in full swing, but fans who are considering purchasing a PS5 are still left wondering what the game will look like on the next-gen console.

The big question is, did the epic PS5 Showcase give us any clues?

PS5 Showcase confirms price and release date for console!

It's been a long wait, but it's finally here. The price of the PS5 and release date were announced at the showcase, alongside some other epic teasers for games like God of War, and even a new Harry Potter title.

But did we get to see what UFC 4 would look like being played on PS5? Unfortunately not, but we can look forward to playing the game when the PS5 releases via backwards compatibility.

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How will it stack up on the PS5? Well, we could expect to see faster loading times, or even high fps, but there is still some mystery surrounding how current gen games play on the console.

We may have to wait until it's released to find out for ourselves!

Is UFC 4 on PS5?

UFC 4 was announced for PS4 and Xbox One, much like its predecessor. But does that knock-down future PS5 owners hopes of experiencing the title on next-gen?

Thanks to a few next-gen features, they may still be in luck.

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Backwards Compatibility & Smart Delivery

You've probably heard this term thrown around a lot with anything next-gen. A console having backwards compatibility simply means that it can work with older games, controllers, and more.

So, with the PS5, that would mean that it could play PS4 games (maybe even older version too).


The good news is that you can indeed play UFC 4 on the PS5, however, it appears that they have no plans to release it specifically for next-gen at this time.

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THE EAGLE SAYS NO! Play Khabib Nurmagomedov and go to town with the new grappling mechanics

We imagine this will extend to smart delivery/ smart download also, however this hasn't been confirmed just yet.

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