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PlayStation's first State of Play of 2021 is almost here

The next State of Play from PlayStation is very close now.

Sony has revealed the return of State of Play, a PlayStation event that gives fans a look into the development of upcoming games for the console.

Here's what we know so far about the big show - PlayStation's first of 2021!

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LATEST - PlayStation State of Play will go live as Xbox Live goes down

Xbox gamers are experiencing a rare double whammy this evening, with Xbox Live servers going down just as State of Play is about to start!

Sony couldn't have planned things any better.

Destruction AllStars Update Ahead Of Presentation

Ahead of this evening's State of Play presentation, Lucid Games has given fans of Destruction AllStars an update on what's to come in the weeks ahead.

In a PlayStation Blog Post, we got the following information:

  • February
  • Double XP Weekend
  • Genesis’ Challenge Series
  • March
  • Featured Playlist: Mayhem 8v8 (Playable in a party!**)
  • Featured Playlist: Stockpile 4v4
  • Double XP Weekends
  • Bluefang’s Challenge Series
  • 10 New Skins
  • April
  • Featured Playlist: Carnado Solo
  • Double XP Weekends
  • A few more surprises…
State of Play Predictions Destruction AllStars Spky Car Crash Bowl
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CRASH - Destruction AllStars is as chaotic and fun as it is destructive

Although there isn't too much new information revealed, could we still see an appearance from the PS5's newest car-crashing PS Plus title at the State of Play?

A hint at the new cosmetic skins would be nice...

Could GTA V Be Shown Again?

It's almost here! The inaugural State of Play presentation for 2021 is on the way.


Although we're not 100% on what will be shown, there is one title that seems to be getting overlooked: GTA V.

At the last State of Play in August, PlayStation revealed that GTA V is indeed coming to next-gen consoles and that GTA Online was going to become a standalone title alongside it.

Could this be an easy way for Sony to kick things off later today? It would make sense to get it out of the way before any major reveals considering it's just a matter of "when" at this point.

March PS Plus To Be Revealed?

In an unusual move for PlayStation, they abandoned their regularly-scheduled PS Plus Game reveal yesterday and opted for an update on Returnal and Tony Hawk Pro Skater 1 + 2 instead.


Both of these titles are due to launch within two months, with Returnal scheduled to drop on April 30th.

Does this mean that these titles will be omitted from the upcoming State of Play schedule? Or, is PlayStation hinting that they will receive more of a "deep dive" coverage as they are closer to launch.

Returnal Reveals New Trailer Ahead of State of Play

Returnal is an exciting psychological horror game coming as a PS5 exclusive, and a brand new trailer has arrived just ahead of this month's PlayStation State of Play.

You can watch the new trailer below:


The game was delayed to 30 April, but we expect Returnal will make a showing at State of Play.

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State of Play

Sony's State of Play event is one you shouldn't miss. It will premiere some amazing trailers and gameplay footage for games deep in the development process.

State of Play Games Predictions Start Time The Last of Us 2 Reveal
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WHAT'S NEXT?: State of Play outlines what's next in console gaming

State of Play will offer some big games as well as some underrealized indie games that will soon reach shelves - and is a great place to see what's next in gaming for PlayStation consoles.

You can catch the show on Twitch and YouTube here.

Start Time


PlayStation's State of Play Event will kick off on Thursday, February 25th.

The stream begins at 5pm EST (10pm GMT) and will run for 30 minutes.

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There will be 10 games featured in the upcoming State of Play event. These games will release on PS4 and PS5, so there will be something for everyone.

State of Play Games Crash Bandicoot Gameplay Trailer
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FAST FORWARD: State of Play will be fast with 10 games in 30 minutes

While we don't have any game reveals just yet, that hasn't stopped the speculation!


With just 30 minutes of show and 10 items on offer, this month's State of Play event will likely only feature a few real deep dives.

PlayStation State of Play Disco Elysium
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NEXT: Disco Elysium is just around the corner, and a State of Play showing would be a great stage

That means we can expect quite a few gameplay trailers for upcoming games as we transition into presenting others more deeply.

This time constraint means it's very likely we'll see more than a few updates coming to popular games.

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Fans are crossing their fingers for a Last of Us 2 update, Returnal, and some more info on Disco Elysium which may be in the March PS Plus lineup.

At the end of the day, though, State of Play means anything can happen - so it's certainly worth catching live!

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