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PSN DOWN: Server Status Update, Connection Issues, & Latest News

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If you're having trouble logging into PlayStation's PSN services right now, you're not alone. A huge wave of outages has hit the online services for Twitch, EA, and PlayStation. Here's the latest on whether PSN is down and what we know so far. It looks like good news, though, so fear not.

Is PlayStation's PSN down right now?

DownDetector - a key resource that tracks the server status of several online services - currently has PlayStation's PSN as a service undergoing some issues. For a lot of people, PSN is down right now. This might include you - if you're finding issues with logging into your PSN account or using the PS Store, we know why.

However, it looks like the issue has been identified and Amazon Web Services are at the core of the outage. A lot of online services use Amazon's Web Services, so when one goes down they all go down.

Thankfully, it seems like a relatively short outage issue - if you're having some issues connecting they should be over soon. However, it might be worth restarting your device and internet just in case. If not, it might take a few minutes but the issues should rectify themselves.

PlayStation has not commented on the outage, suggesting it was minor server issues as opposed to a larger attack on PlayStation Network.

Twitch, Apex Legends, Xbox Live, Call of Duty, FIFA 22, Clash Royale, Minecraft, Fortnite... All of these titles were affected. It looks like Battlefield servers and the Nintendo eShop is still having issues. Keeping an eye on DownDetector - linked above - is going to be the best place to track these issues.

It's also worth keeping an eye on specific social media accounts related to the services you're trying to access for updates - if they're facing more problems than the ones discussed above, then they will mention them there.

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