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How to see your PlayStation Wrap Up 2021

Due to its countless breathtaking exclusives as well as other titles, PlayStation has an avid fanbase that takes up a significant amount of the gaming space. That's plenty of hours played every day.

Thanks to Sony, PlayStation gamers will now be able to see their gaming stats for the year via the 2021 PlayStation Wrap Up - including total hours played, most played games, trophies, and more.

So how does it work?

What is the PlayStation Wrap Up?

Akin to Spotify's wrapped, the PlayStation Wrap Up allows users to see a plethora of information derived from their countless hours of play in the year.

The Wrap Up includes the number of games that the users played for the year while adding their top five games played as well as including all of their hours in each across consoles.

It also covers players' total number of hours played across both PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 consoles for 2021. That information is broken up into each console while adding stats on PlayStation VR playtime as well.

The information also includes the number of hours played locally, hours played online, total days played and hours played in PlayStation VR.

Playstation Wrap Up breakdown hours played trophies
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Credit: Sony
THE LOGS: Get a comprehensive breakdown of your gaming year with the PlayStation Wrap Up

To round out the Wrap Up, Sony has also added in how many trophies fans have collected, following it with a breakdown of their "2021 trophy cabinet". The cabinet includes all earned trophies ranging from Bronze to Platinum and completion %.

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As an aside, Sony includes the amount of PS Plus titles that players have redeemed as well as some global community stats between pockets of information.

How to see your PlayStation Wrap Up

PlayStation gamers can see their 2021 PlayStation Wrap Up by visiting Sony's official website or alternatively clicking here. Once on the website, all players have to do is log in with their information, namely the Sign-In ID, and dive in.

Be sure to scroll all the way through, as at the bottom Sony offers an exclusive collection of PS4 and PS5 avatars. All you have to do is click "Get Your Reward" to redeem them.

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