PGA 2K23 - CROSSPLAY & ranked matchmaking available NOW

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It's official - crossplay is coming to PGA Tour 2K23!

Golfing fans have been crying out for 2K to implement crossplay for a while now and the game developer has finally brought the feature to the game via the latest patch update.

Not only that, but ranked matchmaking is also now available in PGA Tour 2K23, allowing you to tee off against an equal player based on their skill.

Check out all the information you need to know below.

Crossplay now available

Until now, multiplayer modes were limited to the same platform in PGA Tour 2K23, but to the excitement of many, crossplay is now available.

This means that players using different video game hardware are able to play PGA Tour 2K23 with each other simultaneously.

Supported platforms include the PlayStation5, PlayStation4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One and PC (Steam).

So, if you're on a PlayStation, for example, you can now link up with your PC gamers and take to the green online together.

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FINALLY - Crossplay is here, at long last

Crossplay is available in Private Matches, Casual Matchmaking and Ranked Matchmaking.

By default, crossplay is always on for PC, but can be disabled on Xbox by checking the system settings, and can be toggled on and off in-game on PlayStation.

Crossplay is available in-game right now, but you'll need to make sure the game is fully up to date as the feature has been implemented as part of the latest update.

Ranked matchmaking

As briefly mentioned above, 2K has also introduced ranked matchmaking alongside crossplay in the latest update.

Ranked matchmaking allows you to compete with players on a similar skill rating. You can join competitive rounds and climb experience tiers in order to face more highly-skilled opponents.

Ranked play is broken down into six tiers with three divisions in five of the six tiers, with each tier having a unique icon and colour to differentiate what rank you are.

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COMPETE WITH THE BEST - You can now go toe to toe with the very best

Across all ranked matches, Solo and Duo, players will compete with Pro difficulty turned on and be limited to their MyPlayer creation.

It’s worth noting that Duos are alternate shot, while Solo is regular match play.


You can see how you measure up against other players by checking the dedicated Solo and Duo leaderboards.

For more information on crossplay and ranked matchmaking, head here.

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