Pokemon Unite: How to get 8 free Pokemon Licenses

One common mistake for most new players in Pokemon Unite, is spending Aeos Coins too soon. We get it, it's natural to be excited to try as many Pokemon as possible.

But Aeos Coins aren't easy to get, so why spend them on Licenses when you can get them for free?

So before having buyer's remorse, here are 8 Pokemon Unite Licenses players can get for free!


It wouldn't be a Pokemon Game without our little yellow friend. However, when the game started on Nintendo Switch, Pikachu was not available yet for all players on day one.

Luckily for trainers, Pikachu is now given for free as a reward, for Pokemon Unite reaching a pre-registration milestone.

  • To get Pikachu, visit the event tabs to the Pre-registration Campaign Event.
  • You will receive the Festive Style Holowear (Skin) and Aeos Tickets as well.

Alolan Ninetales

This Pokemon, besides looking cute is a very good attacker. Nonetheless, if you are just starting, do not spend your Aeos Coins on Alolan Ninteails yet.

  • You can get her License for free. Very simply, just Log-into Pokemon Unite for two days. Visit the events section, and claim the license in the 14-day welcome gift section.

Slow Bro

Since the beginning, Pokemon Unite has been dominated by the Defenders Type and this doesn't seem to change any time soon; especially with the arrival of Mamoswine.

Slowbro will be the first Defender for most trainers in Pokemon Unite; with a very straightforward set of skills can help beginners to get a lot of wins. Even better, you can get a Slowbro license for free!

  • To get Slowbro License, trainers need to reach Level 2. You can claim his license in the Trainer Level Up Menu.


Talking about beginner-friendly Pokemon--Venusaur is an attacker who, after being buffed in a couple of patches, can deal big damage with ease.

  • Venusaur Free License is obtained when you reach trainer Level 5. Claim the license in the Trainer Level Up Menu


Another great defender, Crustle can push opponents away and block. This is a huge deal in a game when the goal is to score in good position.

  • Crustle is Part of the Beginner Challenge. Players need to wait at least seven days to complete all tasks and claim this free License.


Before the Mobile release of Pokemon Unite, Cinderance was a very popular pick, so developers decided to nerf him. Even then, he is a very efficient DPS.

  • Ciinderance Free License can be obtained after a week of playing. Claim his Unite License in the 14-day welcome gift section.


Zeraora is the first Speedster on this list. This type of Pokemon is every good to eliminate enemies with burst damage, and your first foray into Speedsters can be Zeraora thanks to its free license!

  • Zeraora Free License is a bit hard to get. Trainers need to join the Zeraora Mission Event and win 32 matches.
  • Trainers will also receive 100 Aeos Tickets, 450 Aeos Coins, and 50 Item Enhancers.


To be able to play Greninja for free, players need to be very patient, but thankfully won't need to stack any wins like Zeraora.

  • The free Greninja License is the last reward of the 14-day welcome gift, so players will have to wait two weeks for this juicy reward.
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