Pokemon Unite Patch Notes: Pikachu Buffs and Zapdos Nerfs coming

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Pokemon Unite is introducing the first major event in the game, the Halloween Festival!

This event will bring a new Quick Battle mode, the new Pokemon Gredeent, and several new costumes for Pokemon and Trainers inspired by the holiday.

Besides this new content, the latest patch in Pokemon Unite includes significant Balance Adjustments. Let's dive right into the details!

Release Date

Pokemon Unite 1.2.18 will be launched on October 20, 2021, around 12:00 a.m. PT.

The Halloween Festival new mode will be available for two weeks, with the last day being November 7, 2021

New Pokemon Gredeent

The first big news for the upcoming update. The release of Greedent, a new defender with regenerative abilities.

Trainers can expect to start as Skwovet to evolve to Greedent in Lvl 6. We will also be seeing this character bring its famous berries and regenerative powers to the battle.


According to previous releases, it is speculated that Trainers will get Greedent License in the Unite Battle Committee Shop for 10000 Aeos Coins or 460 Aeos Gems.

Halloween Festival Mode

Haloween Night in Mer Stadium New Mode will replace battle items with Pumpkins that can be used to throw at put them on your Opponent Pokemon.

The stadium will be specially redesigned for a short time (2 weeks)

Pokemon Unite Patch Notes

From buffs to nerfs to system changes, dive into the Pokemon Unite patch notes below!



  • Kaminari: Increased the amount of damage done to opponents.
  • Voltecker: Increased the amount of damage done to opponents.


  • Forget - The waiting has been shortened.
  • HP recovery amount has increased.


  • After level 5, when Dengar deals special damage will recover health according to the damage dealt.


  • Normal Attack: Speed attack of normal attack increased.
  • Dragon Dive: Increase the amount of damage dealt with enemies.



  • Hydropump - The amount of damage dealt to opponents has been reduced.
  • Surf - Cooldown reduced.
  • Unite Move: Hydro Thypoon: The amount of damage done to opponents has been decreased.


  • Gigadrain: Damage Reduction decreased, and HP recovery has been reduced.
  • Solar Beam: Damage dealt to enemy Pokemon increased.


  • Lucario's attack is reduced.
  • Steadfast: The frequency of activation Tokusei has been revised and reduced.
  • Unite Move, Full Force Blast: Fixed a bug that could increase the damage of Unite Move by Using Glow Punch after its activation.



  • Wild Bolt+: Fixed a bug that caused more damage than expected when hitting multiple enemies.


  • Gale Wings: Fixed a bug where the tokusei effect was not activated after an enemy elimination.

Changes in Map

Remoat Stadium: Zapdos

The amount of Aeos Energy obtained after Zapdos eliminations have been decreased.

Wild Pokemon


  • The amount of shields given to allies has been reduced.
  • Experience Points obtained for defeating Drednaw have been decreased.


  • After defeating this Wild Pokemon, Rotom's HP, movement speed, and attack to reach the opponent's goal increased.
  • The effect time of enemies' goals broken has been extended.

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